I awake in the morning and say “I love You Jesus”
I ask for grace abundantly for the day
I put on my armor like a good soldier
I sharpen my sword in the Word

I go out into the world and seek to advance His kingdom
I go to work with my light shining
I run to him with each offense quickly
I plant the seeds of the Word at each opportunity He gives me

I come home to “our” home, a sweet place of peace
I say “thank You Jesus for another day”
I meet Him in the Secret Place of Prayer for sweet fellowship
We dance, we talk, we sit quietly in each other’s company

I realize how much I long to see Him face to face
To look into His eyes
To hold His nail scarred Hands
To kiss His nail scarred feet
To walk with Him on the streets of Gold in the Light of His Glory
Oh, what a beautiful ache!

I am back in the small peaceful home we share
Back to the reality of earthly battles
I hear Him say softly, “run your race strong child for your reward is great!”
I cry at the tenderness and the love I feel from Him
Oh, what a beautiful ache!

As I lay drifting off to sleep I say “I love You Jesus”
Come quickly and ease this beautiful ache….

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  1. Anita Jerkovic says:

    Today,again,my gentle taughts and prayer went to lovely,brave and delicately soft sister Anika.want to share this as strong shelter(one of) for her daily life(battle).If you have a time to pop at her blog/Living for later/Add your prayer….Love ,Anita.

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