Forever Tied

YOU came from eternity past

With no beginning and no end

YOU were there when I was conceived in the Heart of God

Human words cannot express how awesome YOUR Glory was then

YOUR splendor too incredible for me to fathom

Yet YOU chose to die for me…yes even before time began

YOUR plan of redemption was carefully executed down through the ages

YOUR people looking and hoping for YOUR coming

Waiting for the greatest of all sacrifices to come


The price had to be paid to fulfill the Father’s requirement

There was no one who qualified…so YOU came

The time had come for YOU to be forever tied to me


YOU fulfilled every requirement of the Law

YOU showed the love of the Father to mankind

YOU stayed the heartbroken angels as they tortured YOU

As they nailed YOU to that tree.


Angels that knew YOU in YOUR splendor and Glory

Angels that loved YOU endlessly

Yet YOU stayed their hands from stopping the madness of the Evil One.


YOU endured the pain

YOU endured the shame and rejection

YOU endured the humiliation and mocking

YOU chose to be forever tied to me


YOU died a sinner’s death

YOU paid a sinner’s price

YOU brought YOUR Blood to the Altar of God

YOUR Blood paid the price

Once and for all, the price of my redemption was paid!


YOU did not return to your former Glory

YOU did not leave the earthly body on earth

YOU took up that body after 3 days

YOU are now forever tied to me


YOUR Name is above every name in the universe

YOUR Glory is even brighter than ever

YOU are the firstborn of the dead!


Thank YOU Jesus for choosing to be FOREVER TIED to me.



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