Finish Your Race

“As, for you (Timothy), be calm and cool and steady, accept and suffer unflinchingly every hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fully perform all the duties of your ministry. For I am already about to be sacrificed [my life is about to be poured out as a drink offering]; the time of my [spirit’s] release [from the body] is at hand and I will soon go free. I have fought the good (worthy, honorable, and noble) fight, I have finished the race, I have kept (firmly held), the faith.” (II Timothy 4:5-7)

All Christians, who have really and truly met and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior should aspire to get to this same point that the Apostle Paul did. When He met Jesus, He turned his life upside down and in turn, Paul turned the world upside down for Jesus during his ministry. It didn’t matter how much he was hated, beaten, whipped, thrown in prison, left for dead or anything. He still kept going and going. He kept going until his race was finished! Satan threw everything at him and he still kept advancing the Kingdom of God. Oh Lord, help me to get to this level of dedication and passion for You! We should all aspire to get to the place where we can honestly say “I have fought the good fight of faith, I have finished my race, I have kept the faith.” God has called us to finish our race and finish it strong and on top; not be run out by the devil through defeat. No matter how beaten down and discouraged you are right now, this moment: look up, take His hand and get back up. Determine in your heart to finish your race the way He has called you too.

Blessings everyone…

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