He Bleeds

Last night I was looking for beginner harp lessons on YouTube and somehow I ended up looking at videos I shouldn’t have.  I felt His conviction to stop, but I continued on.  I really liked this particular song and wanted to hear it and watch the video.  I kept on and watched it or at least part of it when I felt that I had hurt Him.  It’s hard to explain, but when you are in an intimate relationship with someone, a hurt can stop the intimacy cold.

This morning I got up to watch the Blood Moon, and I still felt the rift from last night.  I finally went to sit before Him and I repented and asked for forgiveness, and I know that He has.  How many of you know that when you hurt someone, even when they forgive you, it still hurts to know that you caused the pain?  As I sat there, I saw in my mind’s eye His hands bleeding and I realized that His Blood is always there to cover me.  Yet at the same time, I realized that my sin brings the pain of the Cross back to Him.  I don’t ever want to cause Him to feel that pain again because of something I have done.

I know that my relationship with Him is still intimate and that this rift will close up and the pain will pass.  Seeing His hands bleed, gives me a whole new view of how important it is to simply obey the FIRST time.  I realize how very precious our relationship is to me and there is nothing this world has to offer that can remotely compare to what I have found in Him.

Perhaps this pondering can help someone out here in blog land to find restoration with Him.  There is always forgiveness, no matter how bad we mess up.  Like Jesus restored Peter after he denied Him, Jesus is perfectly willing to restore us after we mess up.  Thank You Jesus for everything You do for us!

Blessings everyone…

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