The Unsung Hero


“While we were yet in weakness [powerless to help ourselves], at the fitting time Christ died for (in behalf of) the ungodly…But God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:5 & 8)

We’ve heard of heroes who have given their lives to save others from certain death. Soldiers who fell on grenades to save their fellow soldiers. Who risked their lives to bring the wounded to safety. The heroes of 9/11 who risked and even died to try to save people in the twin towers. These heroes are indeed real heroes.

But there is an unsung hero in the world today that gave His life for everyone’s eternity over 2000 years ago. It’s tragic to lose your life in this earth before your time. It’s even more tragic to lose your eternal life separated from God. Jesus Christ came to save everyone whether they are good or bad.

However, we are free to choose whether we accept what was paid for or reject it. If a person refuses to accept the helping hand of a hero in a crisis, they will die. Likewise, if a person refuses to accept the gift of salvation, they will also die…both physically and spiritually. How can we help those in desperate need of God? By praying for them to come to a place where they can receive Him. Sometimes, we are the last hope before they leave this earth. Your prayers are important!

Blessings everyone…

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