Instant Obedience


“If I say, I will not make mention of the Lord or speak anymore in His Name, in my mind and heart it is as if there were a burning fire shut up in my bones. And I am weary of enduring and holding it in; I cannot contain it any longer.” (Jeremiah 20:9)

God has chosen to use people as His mouthpiece to mankind. His messages to people are not always pleasant to hear. This is what Jeremiah the Prophet was facing. The poor guy had nothing but bad news to tell rebellious Israel in those days!

He even tried to shut up and not speak anything, but he couldn’t because the Word of the Lord was like a fire raging inside of him that he could not contain. There are times in every believer’s life that God will call upon us to speak a word to someone in warning. If it has happened to you, you know that the word is like a fire in your bones! You have to get it out or else you will not be able to rest.

It actually goes beyond prophesying, it includes anything that He asks you to do for Him. It becomes a burning on the inside until you obey Him in it…then your peace comes back. But beloved, it shouldn’t be that way.

We should ideally, instantly obey Him to speak what He says, to do what He says. Instant obedience pleases Him no end! He wants to use all of us day after day. God has purposes for all of us to do every day. Yes, it’s hard sometimes to obey a hard request, but if you make the decision to obey instantly, come what may, the Lord will reward you richly in ways that are priceless.

Blessings everyone..

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