Through His Eyes

I have a group on my Facebook page called American Christians Pray. I created it in 2012 as a place where Americans can come together and pray for our leaders and our nation. The group has attracted people from all over the world. India, South America, UK and Africa.  There are only 112 people in the group but it is a diverse group.

There have been a few Muslims that came in railing about Allah and that we are infidels. I just promptly deleted them from the group. I only wanted people who were willing to pray for America, but the group has evolved into more about lost souls than lost America.

Recently I made a comment for prayer for all the people in the Middle East and Israel with the rocket attacks going on. A gentleman responded to that prayer request negatively about Israel. As a Christian, I guess I just assumed that if you said you are a Christian you would naturally love the Jewish people because Jesus is a Jew.

I tried to keep the tone friendly but I soon realized that he is one of those “pot stirrers.” They come into a group and start arguing about God and politics. I asked the Lord what I should do about him. Should I block him? Return evil for evil? Or walk in the love of God that says “love pays no attention to a suffered wrong?”

The Lord said, “look at him through My eyes.” I realized that this man is angry, bitter or hurt..probably all three. God sees the heart. If I say nothing, he will probably keep coming back and I post my blog entries in that group.  Who knows but that one day he could turn to the Lord?

I have decided to begin to pray for this man, that one day he will see God as He really is. That he really has a powerful encounter with Jesus. The Lord has shown me that when you look at difficult people through God’s eyes, they become less evil in your eyes!

Somehow, God’s compassion for their state of eternity is transferred to you and it empowers you to earnestly pray for them and all desire to retaliate is washed away. Our God is an AWESOME God!

So, I won’t block him. I won’t respond in kind to his negative posts. I will keep my eyes on Jesus and keep on posting what He tells me to post out here. It is my prayer that this pondering may help someone out there who is also dealing with a difficult person.  Ask the Lord to help you look at them through His eyes.  It will help you deal with it all.

Blessings everyone…

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