A Good Work


“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)

Yesterday’s post,  The God Love  we talked a little about the investment God has placed into us. He paid for us with His very Blood. If you think you aren’t of any value to anyone, think again. The God of Creation values you enough to die for you!

One thing about God, He thinks about every little detail of everybody’s life and He has the ability to weave His will into our lives by putting us into the lives of people He wants us to influence and by putting people into our lives to influence us! What an awesome God!

When He is invited into your life, He’s in for the long haul. He begins working in your life to bring you into a place of spiritual maturity, where all inner and outer wounds are healed, where His love abounds in your life. That’s a good work! Who doesn’t want to be healed from the inside out and who doesn’t want God’s love operating in their lives? I know I do!

What a comfort to know that your God and Father is that committed to you! Even when it seems like nothing is going right, He is steadily working it all out for your benefit. In the end, the children of the God of the Universe come out on top! I want to be in that number…don’t you?

Don’t know Him?

Meet Jesus Here…

Blessings everyone…


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