Keep On Keeping On


“Therefore, since we do hold and engage in this ministry by the mercy of God [granting us  favor, benefits, opportunities, and especially salvation], we do not get discouraged (spiritless and despondent with fear) or become faint with weariness and exhaustion. (II Corinthians 4:1)

“But even if our Gospel (the glad tidings) also be hidden (obscured and covered up with a veil that hinders the knowledge of God), it is hidden only to those who are perishing and obscured only to those who are spiritually dying and veiled only to those who are lost.  For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers’ minds [that they should not discern the truth], preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (the Messiah), Who is the Image and Likeness of God.” (II Corinthians 4:3-4)

Following Jesus Christ in today’s world is hard. There is no getting around it. We are living in a pressure cooker. The pressure to conform to the world system is almost too much to bear. Being a Christian in today’s world is unpopular to say the least. The pressure ranges from ridicule to death, depending on where you live.

Still, God has called us to work in the white harvest fields of these last days regardless of the pressure because the harvest is great. There are so many opportunities to minister to people if we ask Him to send us and then step through the doors He opens for us! It is exciting to work for God. There is never a dull moment in the Kingdom of God.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the Lord and she pointed out something that I hadn’t really considered. These days are just like the days of Noah where violence is everywhere and the thoughts of people are dark continually. People are becoming less and less willing to hear the Gospel. The sun is setting on the Age of Grace, so we as the people of God must get out there and try to bring in as many as are willing. Notice the scripture that says the Gospel is hidden and veiled “only to those who are perishing.” People aren’t acknowledging the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob nor His Messiah, Jesus Christ anymore.

They are looking to other gods. The god of this world is even now fastening the veil of deception over the world system to prevent people from seeing the Truth of the Gospel. However, even in these times, we still must work because you just never know! Our lights shining out have more impact than we realize. There is coming one last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will usher in millions of people into the Kingdom before the Great Tribulation. We are in the season to plant the seeds of God’s love through Jesus Christ in the lives of people He leads us to.

In times of great fear, people run to God. They say there are no atheists in foxholes. When we get to the place where terror is all around us, people are going to be looking for a source of strength and peace. We, as believers have that source: Jesus Christ. That’s the harvest.

So children of God, keep on praying, keep on sowing the seeds of the Gospel, keep on loving people, keep on letting your light shine even when it seems like you aren’t making a difference, because you never know what fruit is going to come up from the seeds you plant today.

Blessings everyone…

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