Pondering: The Times We Live In

I can’t seem to get away from the sense of urgency to encourage believers to press in to God as close as possible.  Time is running out for the people of God to be in their positions when life as we know it comes to a halt.

I look at Syria, Iraq and Palestine. All of these countries are overrun with terrorists.  All of these countries are just a pile of rubble.  The modern-day lives of the people came to an abrupt halt and they are reduced to refugees living in primitive conditions.  We in America think we are above that ever happening here.  Except for one thing: our government seems determined to destroy this nation.

Our government is full of evil people.  These people have another agenda they are working on and it has nothing to do with the welfare of the American people.  The borders are thrown open, to invite in not only millions to suck on the government nipple, but deadly diseases are being brought in to the country with no effort by our government to stop it.  No effort by our government to stop the threat of terrorism at our borders or our ports and airways.

The idiotic decisions coming out of Washington DC have made America the laughingstock of the world.  Our enemies are emboldened because they see that our government has turned against its own people.  Our government is now public enemy number one.  I personally don’t believe anything anyone in the federal government says.  If they its black, then I believe it’s really white.

I guess it all has to come to this to bring about the one-world government.  It’s painful to watch this once-great nation fall.  It’s like watching it in slow motion.  Who knew that in the 21st century we would have barbarians running through the Middle East killing anyone they please with impunity?  Who knew that these same barbarians are actually living among us here in America and are waiting for the right time to attack us?  Who knew that the American government would abandon its most basic duty of protecting its citizens?  It’s almost like our government is in the process of reducing the population through attrition.  Like a company that is down-sizing.  Kill them off with Ebola or let ISIS come in to help out the program.  Why?  One word: CONTROL.  That’s what socialism and communism does.  It wants to control every aspect of the population.  There’s too many of us with guns to control.

Why is ISIS able to kill civilians the way they are?  Because the civilians are NOT armed.  They have no means of defense.  Try as they might, our government so far, has not managed to disarm us yet.  Thankfully, we have the ability to defend ourselves!

I am so thankful that I have the relationship with the Lord that gives me the assurance that though a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, it will not come near me.  This is my heritage from the Lord.

All any of us can do is pray.  Pray for the safety of God’s people.  Pray for the salvation of the lost.  Pray for the government to turn back to sanity.  Pray for God to fix this broken country if it’s not too late.

This post is just a pondering of a concerned American.  Thanks for listening.

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