The Pursuit of Love


“But earnestly desire and zealously cultivate the greatest and best gifts and graces (the higher gifts and the choicest graces). And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one that is better by far and the highest of them all–LOVE].” (I Corinthians 12:31)

“Eagerly pursue, and seek to acquire this love [make it your aim, your great quest]; and earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual endowments (gifts), especially that you may prophesy (interpret the divine will and purpose in inspired preaching and teaching.)” (I Corinthians 14:1)

Love is pursued by everyone on earth in one way or another. It’s like an elusive butterfly that flies out of reach just as you are about to capture it. Love makes life worth living. Love always brings light and freshness to our lives.

When you meet a new friend who just “clicks” perfectly with you and you can talk about anything and nothing for hours on end. When your dad gives you a big bear hug or your mom spends night after night sewing a beautiful prom gown for you. When you fall head over heels in love for the first time. All of these wonderful emotions are LOVE.

People need love like they need air and water. Without love people wither and die early. Like a starving person, people are desperately looking for love–any kind of love.

As wonderful and heart-warming the love of another human being is, the love of God is much more so. A person who is aglow with the love of God is like a magnet to a love-starved person. The warmth in their eyes draws them into God’s realm. It is the love of God that draws men to Him. He needs you and me to be the vessels of His love.

This state comes from pursuing earnestly God’s love and letting it permeate your spirit, soul and body. When we can become saturated with His love, the lost, the love-starved ones will be drawn to God.

How can I get to this state? By spending time learning about Him and His ways of love–and putting them into practice in your life. People are looking for a real God–a loving God–real people of God who can spread the love of God to a lost and dying world.

The clock is ticking….start the pursuit of the God-love now!

Blessings everyone…

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