Instantly I AM!


“And in the fourth watch [between 3:00 AM 6:00 AM] of the night, Jesus came to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, It is a ghost! And they screamed out in the night.

But instantly He spoke to them saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid! And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus.

But when He perceived and felt the strong wind, he was frightened, and and he began to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me from death! Instantly Jesus reached out His hand and caught and held him, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:25-31)

Jesus had been up in the mountains praying almost all night long. He had told the disciples to go on ahead and He would catch up with them. Little did they know they would be in a storm on the sea and see Him walking on the water on His way to the other side.  In fact, He was just walking right past them!  They had to call Him to come over to them.

It’s not an everyday sight to see someone walking on the water in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm. Naturally, they were scared. Notice how quickly Jesus encouraged them to take courage, to not be afraid. He reminded them that He is the great I AM and they had nothing to fear because He is the great I AM!

Then Peter challenges Jesus and says “IF it is You, command me to come to You.” What else is Jesus supposed to say? He has to command Peter to come because that is the gauntlet Peter threw down. Whatever else you might say about Peter, at least he had the guts to get out of the boat in a storm and he actually walked some ways towards Jesus on the water!

But, when he took his eyes off Jesus and began looking at where he was at, he let fear grip him and he began to sink. Notice again how quickly Jesus helps him. Instantly He reached out to save him from drowning.

What is the lesson in this? In our faith walk, sometimes our faith is small. We look at how big our problem is instead of how big our God is and we begin to sink. But He is always there INSTANTLY to help us, to encourage us, to catch us and hold us and to correct us back to the right place of faith.  Even if we don’t see the answer for weeks, months or even years, He is still there instantly to walk with us through it.  If we keep our eyes on the promise of our victory–if we believe that promise, He is faithful to complete the work He started in each one of us.  Be a Peter and at least get out of the boat and walk the faith walk! Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will take you places you never dreamed possible–all because of faith.

Blessings everyone…

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