His Delight


“The steps of a good man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step]. Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him.” (Psalm 37:23-24)

His delight is in those who love and obey His Word. Those who have been washed in the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ. What does it mean to delight in someone? Think about this: suppose someone gave you a brand new Ferrari sports car. What would you do with it? would you just leave it sitting in the garage like an old clunker? No! You would be driving it, showing it off to your friends, taking pictures of it a posting them all over the Internet and washing and waxing it. You would be doing something with that car every day! At least until the newness wears off.

That is delighting in something. That is how God sees one of His own. He “busies Himself in his every step.” In other words, He is involved in the smallest details of our lives. When you are bone tired from work and have to go to the store and you find a parking spot right up front…that’s Him. Yes, you can thank Him for that!

And even when we fall flat on our face and think we have really blown it, He’s right there to work it all out and to forgive us and cover our sins with the Blood of His son, Jesus Christ.

Take heart today beloved of God! You are His delight whether you realize it or not!

Blessings everyone…

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