The Sure Promise


“Who is a God like You, Who forgives iniquity and passes over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage?  He retains not His anger forever, because He delights in mercy and loving-kindness.  He will again have compassion on us; He will subdue and tread underfoot our iniquities.  You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.  You will show Your faithfulness and perform the sure promise to Jacob and loving-kindness and mercy to Abraham, as You have sworn to our fathers from the days of old.”  (Micah 7:18-20)

God loves to show His mercy more than anything.  If people could only realize how very much He loves each person, no matter how evil or wicked they currently are.  He will eventually judge iniquity, but He tries and tries to get people to turn to Him.  His arms are outstretched to all mankind.  He even sent His Son to pay the price for us!  What more can He do?

In spite of it all, there are some people who just plain love evil.  They love to kill and destroy people, places and things.  They hate God for being God and they hate anyone who loves God.

Even when we, as His children fall and walk away from Him, He is willing to forget and forgive it all and He works tirelessly to put our lives back together again after we have totally messed it up!

The same sure promise to Jacob and Abraham is the same sure promise to you and me.  He will cast ALL our sins into the depths of the sea.  He WILL show His faithfulness  to you and me.

Blessings everyone…

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