You Can’t Fool God


“For the Lord knows and is fully acquainted with the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly (those living outside God’s will] shall perish (end in ruin and come to nought).” (Psalm 1:6)

The Bible says “the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?”  Our hearts will lie to us and deceive us.  We can convince ourselves and justify anything.  I had convinced myself that my drinking and partying were “ok” with God.  It wasn’t OK.  I was living on dangerous ground.  I was living outside His will and in danger of perishing.  As it was, my life was in ruins.  I was unemployed, broke and desperately sick.  I had to get serious with God because I knew that no matter what my justifications were to myself, I could not fool Him.

People do this same thing all the time.  They live their everyday lives without giving God a second thought, until Sunday comes around and they do their religious duty.  Never realizing the peril they are in.  They assume that God takes their tokens at face value.  He knows everyone who loves Him–and those who don’t.  The Bible says that God “is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

I came to realize that my life was a mess and that I desperately needed God to come and turn it all around.  I made the decision to come to Him and when I did, He was right there turning it all around.  Today, my life is totally different.  It is a life full of peace and purpose.  When I look back, I shudder at the knowledge of what I was facing.  Eternity without God.

We can white wash our sins and unbelief so that everyone around us will believe we are “godly” people, but God looks on the heart.  We can’t fool Him and because we can’t fool Him, He works tirelessly to bring us to the place where He CAN set us free from this “stinking thinking.”  He loves you and me so much!

One thing about God, He really sees us with the eyes of faith.  He is looking at the day when we are seriously following Him.  I encourage you to make that decision today.  That is where it starts: with a decision and a prayer.

Blessings everyone…


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