Sowing and Reaping


“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

I’ve said it before–with God there is always a flip-side.  I know in the past when I have read this scripture I always felt guilty or that God was somehow mad at me.  That He is ready to pound me over the head for sowing the wrong things.  The fact is: He doesn’t have to do any of that because it is the law of cause and effect in action.  The old saying “what goes around comes around.”  It’s true.  But consider this…

Sowing isn’t always about bad things.  Sowing good things brings in a harvest of good things and with it the blessings of God.  Yes, this scripture is a warning for sinners to repent before life gets really rough, because what God says in His Word WILL come to pass.

What exactly is “sowing?”  Sowing is the everyday decisions we all make.  It is the idle conversations we have throughout the day.  Our words and our actions today determine what kind of future we will have tomorrow.  Here are a few examples:

* A young person (guy or girl) decides to party hard and hook up with whoever they want to.  Sometimes protected sex, sometimes not.  Depending on how drunk or high they are.  Sooner or later, they are going to get a sexually transmitted disease that is going to change their lives forever.  The decision to “sow” the partying seeds cause them to reap a bad STD or even death.

*A young man began to speak that he would die of cancer because his father died of cancer and his father died of cancer very young.  The young man believed it in his heart and he spoke it over and over again.  Then one day, the doctor said “you have cancer and it’s terminal.”  He “sowed” those words by speaking out what he really believed in his heart–that he was going to die of cancer very young.  

Words are so powerful, people don’t realize what they are doing to their future.  The Bible says clearly, “life and death are in the power of the tongue, those who love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

We make the choices every day to do and say things that lead to life or death without even realizing it.  I challenge you to observe your choices and words for one week and see whether you are choosing life or death.

*Life says “I’m successful in everything I put my hands to.’  Death says “nothing ever goes right for me.”

*Life says, “Thank You Lord for more than enough to live on.  Death says ‘I’m always coming up short.  God doesn’t care about me.”

If you take the challenge: look back at your week and see if you are speaking positive things and making decisions that God is involved in, then congratulations!  Your future is looking brighter all the time!

If you see that the negatives are ruling your life, you can make the decision to choose life at any time.  The word “choose.” Is a word of action, of decision.  Do others say you are crazy?  Don’t agree with that.  Say “I’m as sane as they come!”

One thing is certain: sowing negative will reap negative and sowing positive will reap positive.  God loves you.  He has wonderful POSITIVE plans for your life!  Step out and choose life..

Blessings everyone…


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