The Vision of the Harvest – June 28, 2015


We had a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in our little church in the piney woods.  I saw a vision for just a few seconds that will be as vivid a year from now as it is today.  It is this:

I saw a big open field that looked like a golden wheat field.  It was still late afternoon and the sky in the distance was filled with angry black clouds that were swiftly bringing darkness over the wheat field. There were people  in the wheat field and they were running swiftly away from the coming black clouds towards these lights on the other side of the field.  The lights were the people of God who have saturated their lives in His presence and the Word of God.  They are pockets of God’s love in the earth.  His love is found in these people.  Their lights are shining bright against the backdrop of blackness.  As the people found the lights they fell on their knees crying out to God and they were absorbed into the Light and they too began to shine.

In the coming months, things are going to start changing very quickly in America.  It is going to be hard for everyone to watch and listen to what is going on.  But there are coming hard times for everyone.  But through these hard times, a harvest of souls won for Jesus Christ will be brought in to the Kingdom.  These times are days of preparation for the Bride of Christ to ready herself to meet her Bridegroom.  Look up!  For your redemption draws near!

Blessings everyone…


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