The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory is available!


I’m happy to announce that The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory is ready on!  You can access it easily on the Resources page here on the blog.  I’ve got my copy in my Bible ready to use.  This book is a great tool for a prayer warrior and intercessor or any believer for that matter.

There is nothing more powerful than using God’s Word against the enemy.  The whole universe stands and is held in place by His Word!  The enemy has to flee in the face of the Word of God.

There are several prayers out here on the blog on the Effective Prayers page and they are included in this book, however, the book has teachings on prayer basics, faith, our words, the blood of Jesus and the court of heaven.  There are many other prayers in this book that are not on the blog.  I encourage you to get the book and keep it with your Bible to use whenever you need them.  Thank you all so much!  Please click the link below to check it out on the Resources page:

Blessings everyone…

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