Announcements! New teachings and pages!


Hi everyone!  I have been a busy bee this morning getting some new teachings out here and a couple of new pages for your information and help.  I have taken teachings and prayers from my new book, “The God Book.”  I encourage you to get the book to keep handy with your Bible because sometimes the Internet is not available and these prayers wouldn’t be accessible in these instances.

Click on the links below to check out the new pages and teachings!

New Teachings! The Court of Heaven teaching & Remitting Offenses in the Court of Heaven!

New Page! The Spiritual Warfare Training page! Teachings include “Becoming Grounded” and “Our Weapons.”  Coming soon “Warfare in the Second Heavens.”

New Page! Petitions For The Court of Heaven!

New Page! Spiritual Warfare Prayers!

New Page! Applying the Blood of Jesus!

New Teaching! Exchanging Bloodlines

New Page! Intercessory Prayers!

New Page! Prayers for Healing!

Father, let all who come to these pages to learn and to apply Your Word to their lives be victorious and receive the full measure of those victories that Jesus Christ purchased.  Most of all Father, let them find a new level of intimacy with You.  In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen and Amen!

Check out The God Book on the Resources page!

Blessings everyone….

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