Cutting Ties


“There is not time for me to give an account of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, or of David, Samuel, and the prophets.  These were men who through FAITH conquered kingdoms, did what is right and earned the promises.  They could keep a lion’s mouth shut, put out blazing fires and emerge unscathed from the battle.  They were weak people who were given strength, to be brave in war and drive back foreign invaders.

Some came back to their wives from the dead, by resurrection; and others submitted to torture, refusing release so that they would rise again to a better life.  Some had to bear being pilloried and flogged, or even chained up in prison.  They were stoned, or sawn in half, or beheaded; they were homeless, and dressed in the skins of sheep and goats; they were penniless and were given nothing but ill-treatment.  They were too good for the world and they went out to live in deserts and mountains and in caves and ravines.  These are all heroes of faith, but they did not receive what was promised since God had made provision for US to have something better, and they were not to reach perfection except with us.

With so many witnesses in a great cloud on every side of us, we too, then, should throw off everything that hinders us, especially the sin that clings so easily, and keep running steadily in the race we have started.  Let us not lose sight of Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection: for the sake of the joy which was still in the future, He endured the cross, disregarding the shamefulness of it, and from now on has taken His place at the right of God’s throne.  Think of the way He withstood such opposition from sinners and then you will not give up for want of courage.  In the fight against sin, you have not yet had to keep fighting to the point of death.” (Hebrews 11:32-40 & 12:1-4)

“Then a voice came from the throne; it said, “Praise our God, you servants of His and all who, great or small, revere Him.” And I seemed to hear the voices of a huge crowd, like the sound of the ocean or the great roar of thunder answering, “Alleluia!  The reign of the Lord our God almighty has begun; let us be glad and joyful and give praise to God because this is the time for the marriage of the Lamb.  His bride is ready, and she has been  able to dress herself in dazzling white linen because her linen is made of the good deeds of the saints.”

The angel said “Write : Happy are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb”, and he added, “All the things you have written are true messages from God.” (Revelation 19:5-9)

The wedding is approaching!  The Bride of Christ is preparing herself to meet Him!  Truly we are living in the last hour of the age of grace.  The darkness is beginning to settle over the earth.  I’m talking about spiritual darkness.  The bride is busily preparing to meet Her bridegroom: Jesus Christ, Yeshua!

Right before I woke up this morning, I saw the in the spirit, the bride running to meet Yeshua.  I realized that He IS coming to meet us.  He is on His way.  We can see Him with our spiritual eyes coming and we are doing whatever we have to do to be unhindered in our race to meet Him.  We are cutting the ties of sin and pain that keep us tied to the earth. How can we meet Him in the air if we are still tied to the things of the world?  We can’t.  We would be as Lot’s wife, looking back longingly to what we had in the world.  Our old life of sin must be abhorred by us.  The things of the world must be considered dung to us.  Who wants to treasure a pile of poop?  No!  There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that compares to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Yeshua.

There is no offense or injustice worth hanging on to.  There is no addiction worth keeping.  There is not enough money and material goods worth staying here for.  We must cut ties with the world.  We must lay aside every weight that would hinder us from meeting Him at His call!  Don’t be a foolish virgin.  Part of the bride preparing herself is cutting all ties with the world.  Has someone hurt you, broken your heart?  Cut the tie and let it go!  You cannot meet Jesus in the air with unforgiveness in your heart!  Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex or pornography?  Make up your mind to get free.  Run to the secret place of the Most High.  Jesus WILL set you free when you repent and seek wholeheartedly to get free.  Cut the tie and let it go!  Are you feverishly pursuing money and fame? The Bible says in I John 2:16 “You must not love this passing world or anything that is in the world.  The love of the Father cannot be in any man who loves the world.”

This world is passing away.  The darkness is covering the earth as anyone can see.  Just look around at the utter foolishness and evil surrounding all the governments of the world.  But the Bride of Christ is not appointed to wrath.  We are going to our wedding!  We can see Him walking towards us and we are cutting all ties with the world.  We are racing at breakneck speed towards our Beloved!

The bride has sold everything she has into preparing for her wedding.  She has purchased the spiritual treasures that Jesus told us to buy from Him.  The things of the world are not part of her any longer.  In an earthly wedding, the bride comes to meet the groom.  She walks down the aisle to MEET Him.  He is the one waiting for her.  In our wedding to Jesus, He is coming to meet us in the air because He too, cannot wait for the wedding!  He is more excited than we are!  What a joyous time we will have with our Bridegroom!

The question isn’t “is the Church ready?”  The true Church of Jesus Christ IS ready because we have obeyed His Word and thrown aside every weight that would hinder us from meeting Him in victory!  Beloved, today, make the decision to cut all ties with the things of this world.  There is NO comparison to what God has prepared for those who love Him.  Jesus said  in John 14:15 “If you LOVE Me, you will obey my commandments.”  If Jesus said it, then He means it.  He does not talk idly.  Talk is cheap.  Anyone can say “I love you.”  Are you keeping His Word?  Have you forgiven all who have wronged you?  Have you turned your back on the world system?  The lust of the eyes and the pride of life?  Think about what is most important to you in your life right now.

Would you rather watch The Walking Dead than meet the Lord in your prayer closet?  Would you rather do your own thing on Sunday morning instead of assembling with other believers to worship Him?  Are you intent on getting justice for yourself when someone wrongs you or do you bring it to Him and forgive?  Would you rather spend all your time with your lover than seeking Him first?  These are tough questions, but the answers determine if you are still tied to the world system of the earth.  A tethered bird cannot fly.  Neither can a Christian who is tied to the world’s system through the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.  What is more valuable to you?  Your life or His life?

Everyone is passionate about something or someone.  What you put your passion into will determine whether you are ready to meet Him in the air at the trumpet sound.  There is absolutely nothing and no one who is worth missing the wedding of the Lamb.  Lots of people claim the Christian faith, but many are still tied to the earth in their lifestyles.  They are not ready to meet Him! Their oil lamps are not full.  They won’t go when the trumpet sounds.  They will have to go through the Great Tribulation.  The call right now is going out to all people who call Jesus Lord: Cut ALL ties with the world and prepare yourself for the wedding!  The Bride has to prepare herself to meet Him.  Long ago God gave the choice to man, He said, “this day I set before you life or death: choose life.”

Don’t know Him?

Meet Jesus Here…

Maranatha Yeshua…come quickly!


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  1. Katy Reeves says:

    Amen!! Even so, COME! Lord Jesus!


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