The Depth of Our Salvation


This a message that God gave me to preach this morning at our church.  The depth of our salvation is incredible if we could only grasp it!  I haven’t typed out the scripture references because I want you to get your Bible and look them up for yourself.  There is something about digging into the Word of God for yourself that is so powerful!  He helps to solidify the principles in your heart.

The depth of what Jesus Christ purchased with His Blood on the Cross is there for us to take hold of at any time.  God the Father loves each one of us so much that we cannot fully understand a love so great.  But we will…

Eternal Life – Passage into the Kingdom – John 3:16

Point 1: We enter the Kingdom of God through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Our sin-stained garments are changed into white robes of righteousness.  We are clean before our Father.  We are once again naked and not ashamed before Him.  We should be completely OPEN to Him.  Our hearts and minds and souls and physical bodies should now be completely submitted to His Lordship.  To do with as HE chooses.  This is sanctification.  To be set apart for His uses the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior.

Point 2: We are now in the Kingdom of God.  It is within our hearts.  Our sins are forgotten by God.  We can’t stay in the past.  We must move forward and trust that God is not counting our evils against us!  Jesus PAID FOR IT!  Many people stay at the Cross and don’t move into the intimate relationship!

The Intimate Relationship with Yahweh – Abba Father – Psalm 91:1

Point 1: In Genesis 3:8 it says that God was walking in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day.  He came to find Adam and Eve to FELLOWSHIP with them.  Why?  Because He LOVED them.  But they were hiding from Him because they sinned and they knew it.  How painful that must have been for Abba!

Point 2: Psalm 91:1 talks about the Secret Place of the Most High.  What an awesome privilege to be able to go into this wonderful, intimate place!  It is the Secret Place that God wants the most.  It is to open the way into the Secret Place with Abba, that Jesus was sent to die a sinner’s death.

Point 3: He is passionately in love with us.  The depth of His great love is beyond our ability to comprehend.  He aches for fellowship with us…every single day of our lives and to have us with Him forever on into eternity.  He longs to look into our eyes for all eternity.  If we could see His eyes right now, we would be totally undone by the love we would see.

Point 4: We CAN get a glimpse of that great love by one thing: pursuing Him in the intimate relationship.  Seeking Him out in the cool of the day, crying out in worship and supplications.  The Bible says in James 4:8 to “draw near to God and He will draw near to You.  In fact, just a whisper will bring His presence the more you seek Him out.

The Peace of God that is not found outside of Him – Philippians 4:7

Point 1: Peace is taken for granted until it is gone.  Look at the world around you.  Where is the peace?  Riots in our nation, hate everywhere.  Peace is leaving the earth as the days draw nearer to the Great Tribulation.

Point 2: BUT our covenant is a covenant of peace as Isaiah 54 points out.  WE, as the children of God, have HIS peace.  This peace passes all understanding.  That means that it cannot be understood or even aware of without the relationship with God.  People who do not live in the Spirit have NO PEACE.  Peace is found in the intimate relationship because it is there where confidence in God grows.  Like the mustard seed grows into a mighty tree.

Point 3: Part of the great salvation that Elohim purchased for us is HIS peace.  We should not take it for granted.  We have something the world desperately wants and needs.

A Purpose-filled Life – Jeremiah 29:11

Point 1: Before the foundation of the world, we were conceived in the Heart of God.  Our lives were planned out by Him eons ago in the depths of His Heart.  Even the most evil human being ever born had a plan that God had for them to fulfill.  He has given us a free will to choose Him or choose our own way.

Point 2: When we enter into His great salvation and sanctify ourselves for His purposes, then He will take the plans in our book and begin to fulfill them.  As we continue to walk with Him, our book will unfold into a truly beautiful thing because He does all things well.

Point 3: Everywhere we go, whoever we come into contact with is an opportunity for God to use us for His purposes because when we are as ONE with Him through the intimate relationship, then His purposes ARE OUR purposes.  Like Jesus prayed in the garden so long ago, “Father, let them be as one even as we are one.”  When we unite with Elohim, our lives are filled to the brim with purpose.

The Measure of Faith to start our journey to His heart – Romans 12:3

Point 1: God gives us a supply of faith for us to build on when we come into the Kingdom.  He gives us a “starter kit.”  Like the parable of the talents, we must invest our faith and grow it so that God can use us to do great and mighty things in the earth.  The greatest of which is leading others to Him!

Point 2: God EXPECTS us to exercise our faith in Him.  That is why we ask Him for help and choose to believe for finances, the salvation of others, healing etc.  That is exercising our faith and growing it.

Point 3: Faith is built-in the intimate relationship because the more we get to know God’s character through fellowship, the stronger our faith will become.  When you KNOW someone intimately, you are confident that they can be trusted when needed.

His Agape Love Shed abroad in our Hearts – Romans 5:5

Point 1: Like faith, God shed His AGAPE LOVE into our hearts when we become born-again.  Agape love, found in I Corinthians 13, is an unstoppable force when we can achieve the fullness of it.

Point 2: We must begin to cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23.  The very FIRST fruit we must cultivate is AGAPE LOVE.  This is the “fallow” ground we must start plowing up.  It is hard to love some people!

Point 3: The full awareness of Agape love is found in the intimate relationship.  Intimate interactions with God is going to impart His love more and more in our spirits.  We will be able to more effectively cultivate the fruits of the Spirit as we grow closer to Him.

The Promise of Provisions Luke 12:24

Point 1: All the earth belongs to the Lord.  Every blade of grass and every soul belongs to Him.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Our Father is the CREATOR and He has chosen to enter into a covenant with us through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Part of our covenant is access to His resources.

Point 2: Part of any marriage is that both parties contribute to the funding of the covenant goals.  Our covenant goals with God is the advancement of His Kingdom in the earth.  This translates to the salvation of more souls.  He wants His house FILLED to the brim with His children.  It is because of this covenant that WE must give our resources into His Kingdom.

Point 3: He,in turn, promises to fill our barns with so much pressed down, shaken together and running over.  He will always give more than we can!  He takes our faith-filled contributions and multiplies them in the Kingdom and then He turns around and blesses our provisions with plenty.  We will always have food to eat.  We will always be taken care of.  This doesn’t mean earthly wealth, although He certainly can and does do that.  But He promises to take care of all our needs and even our dreams!

The Promise of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental Healing – Exodus 15:26

Point 1: By Jesus’ stripes we were healed, according to Isaiah 53:5.  We were healed at the Cross.  It was purchased and paid in full by Jesus Christ.  Regardless of what physical symptoms we are experiencing right now, His Word says “WE WERE HEALED.”  It is a done deal.

Point 2: Emotional and mental healing was purchased by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when He sweated great drops of blood.  He can truly relate to EVERY ailment we can encounter in this fallen world!  And He paid for it all.

Point 3: In reality, if we fully walked in everything He purchased, we would only encounter trials and tribulations because of the WORD’S sake.  For the Gospel’s sake.  We should be walking in newness of life.  We are, after all, A NEW CREATURE.  Our old lives are dead.  We have the right to claim healing in every area of our lives.  The ball is in OUR court, not His.  He has done it ALL.

Point 4: To even wonder IF it is God’s will to heal is stupid.  It is an insult to the blood of Jesus that purchased it.  God has not changed His mind nor will He every renig on ANY PROMISE HE HAS MADE!

 The Promise of Defeating ALL the power of the Enemy – Luke 10:19

Point 1: Jesus Christ defeated Satan so completely that he is reduced to a mere con man.  He can’t run roughshod over anyone who resists him in the name of Jesus.  He must bow to His name and yield to His blood.  Period.

Point 2: If Satan would have realized the true plan of God, he would never have crucified the Lord of Glory.  If he knew that he was about to lose dominion of the earth forever, he would never have done it.  But God does not share His plans with Satan.  Even when he was Lucifer, the covering cherub, He didn’t share the plan.  It was only in the heart of Elohim from the foundation of the world.

Point 3: We have been given the authority by Jesus Christ, to trample on all the power of the enemy.  When we resist him in faith, he has to flee.  He has no choice.  He can only win through our doubt and unbelief, and our disobedience and sins.  That’s it.  Our victory is that complete!

The Promise of our Kingship and Royal Priesthood – I Peter 2:9

Point 1: We are living in the Kingdom of God right now.  We entered through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  We have been decreed and declared by God our Father that WE ARE A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD AND A HOLY NATION.  It is a fact because God’s Word will NEVER fail.  Not one single syllable will fail.  God’s Word is the ONLY solid thing in a shifting world.

Point 2: We will discover the fullness of our kingship and priesthood in the intimate relationship.  Ask Him to give you revelation on this!  He says “Ask Me!  Come! Let us reason together!

Point 3: Kings make decrees and declarations and so do we.  We go to the Court of Heaven and get the good verdict from Elohim and then we decree it and declare it into the earth with our voices.  Priests minister to the Lord in holiness.  We are responsible and have a duty to acknowledge His Lordship over our lives.  We are duty-bound to sing praises and declare His glory in the earth.  Keep that in mind when you come into His house on Sundays.  He is expecting the freewill offerings of your heart in FAITH to Him!


Hebrews 2: 1-4 “We ought, then, to turn our minds more attentively than before to what we have been taught, so that we do not drift away.  If a promise that was made through angels proved to be so true that every infringement and disobedience brought its own proper punishment, then we shall certainly not go unpunished if we neglect this great salvation that is promised to us.  The promise was first announced by the Lord Himself, and is guaranteed to us by those who heard Him; God Himself confirmed their witness with signs and marvels and miracles of all kinds, and by freely giving the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

Point 1: Make your decision today to begin or return to pursuing God the Father in the intimate relationship.  Set a time to “walk with Him in the cool of the day.”  Be consistent with it until it becomes second nature to you.  Ask Him for the revelation of the greatness of your salvation!

Pont 2: Devour His Word every day.  Truly His Word is food for your spirit man.  His Word never returns void.  It builds faith.  It increases wisdom.  It divides between the soul and spirit.  It can get to the root of the problem.  The word is your sword.  You fight the devil with the word.

Point 3: Pray in the Holy Ghost.  If you aren’t baptized in the Holy Spirit, you desperately need to be.  You can only go so far without it.  If you are baptized in the Spirit, then exercise it!  Pray in the Spirit every day as part of your personal prayer time.  It builds up your most holy faith.  He prays the Father’s perfect will for your life and it is used to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.  God is always looking for intercessors!

Point 4: Worship corporately with other believers to be a part of the Body of Christ.  The unity of the Spirit can only be achieved where 2 or more are gathered to together in His Name.  Don’t neglect the assembling with other believers.  Have your own worship and invite friends over to worship with you!


Remember this:  God LOVES You so much!  He has invested everything He loves dearly into YOUR life.  Don’t neglect so great a salvation.  Let’s take a few minutes to re-commit our lives to embracing the fullness of His salvation!

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