A Perilous Place

“Brethren, together follow my (Paul) example and observe those who live after the pattern we have set for you.  For there are many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, who walk (live) as enemies of the cross of Christ, the Anointed One.  They are doomed and their fate is eternal misery (perdition); their god is their stomach (their appetites, their sensuality) and they glory in their shame, siding with earthly things and being of their party.  

But we are citizens of the state (commonwealth, homeland) which is in heaven, and from it also we earnestly and patiently await the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior, who will transform and fashion anew the body of our humiliation to conform to and be like the body of His glory and majesty, by exerting that power which enables Him even to subject everything to Himself.” (Philippians 3:17-21)

What is an enemy of the Cross of Christ?  It is anyone who prefers to live worldly and convinces themselves that obeying the commandments of Jesus Christ is optional because His grace is assumed to cover it.  They leave out one critical component of His grace and that is repentance.

In America especially, there are so many churches that teach their people that it’s ok to live worldly because of this “greasy grace” doctrine.  But the Bible is clear when it says what their fate is: “they are doomed and their fate is eternal misery (perdition).”  That sounds like Hell to me.  It says “their god is their stomach.”  This means their fleshly appetites are ruling their lives and not the Holy Spirit.

This place is perilous.  People think and believe they are going to enter the Kingdom of God by simply saying a prayer without an encounter with Jesus Christ.  That’s like telling everyone you know a famous person and then when you knock on their door to go in they call the police because they don’t KNOW you.  Without a real encounter with Jesus Christ, your sins are not washed away and you are not in the kingdom of God.

When you have a real encounter with Jesus Christ, you will not be the same person.  Yes, you may stumble and fall, but a real encounter guarantees that when you do fall, He will come after you because He KNOWS you.

The Bible tells us to examine our hearts for anything that is contrary to God’s Word and His ways.  We all have to take stock of where we are at spiritually.  I know I have fallen many times back into a sinful lifestyle and embraced the worldly things…and I was in a very perilous place.  But when I came to the end of myself and repented, then God’s grace was poured over me to help me get back to Him.  Today, I am stronger than I’ve ever been.  I never want to go back to my old worldly life after the incredible encounters I’ve had and still have with my Savior Jesus Christ.

Life in the Spirit is the best lifestyle I’ve ever experienced.  It’s not boring or stagnate because that is not God’s character.  If you really know Him, you’ll know that.  I look around at people I know that are in this perilous place and I pray for them every time they come to my mind.  Are you in this perilous place or do you know someone who is?  The way out is just a prayer away…

Return to Jesus Christ…

Meet Jesus Christ…

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