All Things are Possible!

“And Jesus said, You say to Me IF You can do anything? Why ALL things are possible to him who believes!” (Mark 9:23)

What a statement from our Lord Jesus Christ Himself! The word ALL is a beautiful word. It signifies no limits. Another significant word is BELIEVES. If you really, really believe for the impossible, it will happen. Jesus said it.

The man in this story was the father of the demon-possessed boy. He was begging Jesus to deliver him. He said “IF You can do anything.” Look at Jesus’ response. He put it back on the father when He said “why, all things are possible to him who believes!” It’s about YOUR faith, not God’s ability or willingness. He has made His position quite clear when He says, “Yes I will” and “I am the God that heals you.” He has come to give life more abundantly.

The question isn’t “Lord IF You are willing.” The real question is “Do YOU believe?” Having a real relationship with God should not have the word “if” in any conversations you have with God. In Him are the YEA AND THE AMEN.”

Today, beloved, dare to believe for the impossibility!

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