New Teaching on Teachings Page!

Hi everyone ~ I wrote this teaching some time back and the Holy Spirit has directed me to add it to the teachings page because it is critical to our success as believers.  It is on the subject of Repentance,  which is not often preached today in a lot of churches in America.

I don’t know about you, but I would want someone to tell me if I was heading for a cliff.  Forget about the “greasy grace” doctrine that just pays lip service to repentance.  It is NOT true repentance.  True repentance will result in a change in behavior and decisions.  Period.  Repentance is a matter of the HEART because that is where God looks and He knows who is sincere and who is paying lip service with no heart to change and turn to Him wholeheartedly.

The teaching is hard hitting, but if you are serious about God and the relationship with Him, you will take heed.  Guard your hearts and be pliable in His hands!

Blessings everyone…

Click to access repentanceteaching.pdf

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