A Season of Trust

This is a pondering:

There is a historic event taking place in Washington DC October 6th through the 10th called “Awaken The Dawn/The CallDC.”  It is being held during the week of the Feast of Tabernacles, in which we celebrate the time when God comes to dwell with men forever in the earth.  It is a prophetic celebration.

Fifty states will erect fifty tents on the National Mall in Washington DC.  Tents filled with praise, worship and prayer twenty-four hours a day for four days.  The power of unity and dominion will be overwhelming to the kingdom of darkness.

The entire year of 2017 has seen the chasm of division grow wider and more violent, even to the brink of civil war.  As a nation, we have never been this divided even during the 1960’s civil rights revolution.  Nor has there been such irrationality and unreasonableness.  Just pure and blind hatred that is hallmarked by unreasonableness.  It is an insane time.  It is a rebellious and perilous time.  But God…

God has put this event in history for such a time as this.  It is about UNITY and LOVE.  The people of God are converging on Washington DC in eight days to spend twenty-four hours a day for days celebrating in praise and worship and crying out in intercession for our King to have His way, not only in our lives as individuals, but His way in the nation during this time.

So everyone at my church is going to this event.  The entire church is going.  We celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles every year and this is how we will celebrate it this year.  But it costs money to travel half-way across the country for an eight-day trip.  We counted the cost and came up with fifty dollars a person for fourteen weeks.

For the couples in the church, this has been tough, but not as tough as on the single women in the church who have limited employment.  Namely me.  The last twelve weeks, and we have one and a half weeks left to go, have been the tightest my finances have ever been since I was married to my drug addicted ex-husband.  But God has faithfully and supernaturally brought all the money we need for this trip.  The hotel money, the gas money, the van rental..everything is ready to go.

Each person has to bring their own food and spending money.  For me, I’m looking at less than fifty dollars for eight days in food money.  I was on the porch this morning praising God in the middle of my situation when He spoke to me and said “just rest in Me.”  I realized that worrying and stressing about what I don’t have isn’t going to accomplish one single thing..it certainly isn’t trusting God to provide!

So I made up my mind.  I’m just going to rest in Him and trust Him to provide everything I need to complete my mission in this trip.  I am a Prayer Leader in the night watch in the Louisiana tent Sunday morning.  This is my assignment.  I will fulfill my mission and I will trust Him to give me everything I need to complete it.

I said all this to say, that the enemy is very stirred up about this event.  He has resisted everyone in our church on multiple fronts, not just financial.  He does not want to happen what He sees happening in the spirit realm now.  God is moving in America, whether you believe it or not.  It’s harvest time in the Kingdom of God and He is harvesting souls!

Please pray for me and everyone who is participating in this event.  We aren’t sure if violent Antifa groups will be there to resist us or Black Lives Matter groups, or violent women’s groups will be there.  All we know is that God wants to do something in America for souls and we are called to join with other believers around the country and even the world to cry for unity and to give honor and glory to the King of Kings.

Everyone faces a season of trust at some point in the Christian walk.  A season marked by uncertainty in natural circumstances.  But God is faithful to take care of us.  Even in the middle of the fire He came to deliver Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace and whatever your season, He will do the same for you and me.

Blessings everyone…

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