A Pondering on DNA

I have recently been given an assignment by the Lord to walk with a believer in one of the most difficult physical battles I’ve ever seen or been involved in.  For almost four years this woman has been battling alone against an awful bacteria that has caused unbelievable damage to her tissue and skin over her torso.

She has been diagnosed with stage four cancer by doctor after doctor, but stage four cancer is usually systemic and not contained to one area.  She went a week ago and had her own blood test run by a lab technician.  The blood tests showed NO cancer cells are in her body.  It did show she has a dangerous fungus and heavy metal build up in her body.

Since then we have been engaged in prayer for her total healing and spiritual warfare that the Lord has brought to a whole new level.  We are seeing the advance of this bacteria stop advancing, but it is still hanging on causing pain and discomfort.  We have been gathering herbs and supplements together to fight this in the natural until she can get to a wound center for help with cleaning the wound and anti-biotics.

As we were praying, she felt the Lord wanted us to begin to pray for her DNA.  She told me that on more than one occasion she has had both Merser and Staph infections.  The blood test did not show either of these bacteria, thank God, however, it would seem that there is some kind of weakness in her DNA that makes her susceptible to these horrible kinds of infections.

Early this morning I woke up around three AM and opened Facebook to try and get sleepy again.  I came across this video about Atheist logic.  This guy was talking about intelligent design and began pointing out that every living thing on our planet has DNA,  The DNA is so complex and intricate that it is impossible for it to just come out of nothing.  He called DNA the “instruction book for life.”   Think about it.  A computer program can be changed to function in a different way by one simple line of code written by the programmer.  The program will function differently.

God can write a new instruction in the DNA that will change how it functions in a particular area.  The thought occurred to me that since God is the author of our DNA instruction book, He can write a revision in it if we ask Him to.  So I did.  I asked Him to write a new instruction in my friend’s DNA regarding this infection or whatever it is.

This is an “in progress” battle and I’m really excited to see what God is going to do in her life over the next few days and weeks.  She’s learning a lot and I’m learning a lot through this.  Did God cause this?  Absolutely NOT!  The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Jesus came that we would have life and have it more ABUNDANTLY!  This is a fiery furnace season that Jesus is walking with her in.

I really admire her because she has withstood people basically telling her to just lay down and die.  Much like Job’s wife told him to curse God and die.  Her battle is too hard and too horrible to stand in faith with.  She was told to accept God’s will and go home to heaven.  She has lost all of her friends, and even her daughter has walked away.  It is only her son, me and an elderly lady who are standing with her in faith.  Through all of this she has grown much closer to the Lord in her relationship.  We are seeing God moving in her situation and I know that she is finally coming out of this nightmare.

I’ll have another post when we see the miracle happen…and it will happen.

Blessings everyone…

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4 Responses to A Pondering on DNA

  1. Oscar Rodriguez says:

    Thakyou Micki, God bless You


  2. Micki Todd says:

    Update! My friend just reported that her symptoms are reversing! I believe have received a breakthrough in this battle. Thank You Jesus!


  3. Yvette says:

    There is an excellent teaching called Unleashing God´s DNA by David Herzog. It is an mp3 download and when I listened to it, I made a prayer would pray it often over myself. This may help your friend. Blessings


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