And Jesus Said… – Day 3

I assure you, I am the gate for the sheep…All others who came before Me were thieves and robbers.  But the true sheep did not listen to them.  Yes, I am the gate.  Those who come in through Me will be saved.  Wherever they go, they will find green pastures.” (John 10-7-9)

So Jesus went over it again, “I speak to you eternal Truth: I am the Gate for the flock.  All those who broke in before Me are thieves who came to steal, but the sheep never listened to them.  I am the Gateway.  To enter through Me is to experience life, freedom, and satisfaction.” (John 10:7-9)

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd.  I saw a video one time of two sheep herds in Israel that were grazing close to each other.  The shepherds and their flocks were going in opposite directions and the herds melded together.  At the time I thought “boy they really messed up now!” But then I saw that as the shepherds kept walking the sheep began to separate and before long the sheep of each shepherd continued following him.  I thought that was amazing how the sheep knew the voice of their shepherd and even though they had mingled with another flock, they knew who their shepherd was.

Sheep know their shepherd.  They follow based on the sound of his voice.  As true believers in Jesus Christ, we too should and must know His voice.  This is important because when the thief comes in, he can’t lure the sheep away because they don’t recognize his voice and so they stay put.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is the Gateway into the Kingdom of God.  Everyone who is born again is living in the Kingdom of God NOW.  It’s not after you die.  It’s now.  Jesus came saying “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”  Well, when He died and resurrected, the Kingdom of Heaven CAME and all believers went through the Gateway of Jesus’ blood to enter.

What is in the Kingdom of God?  Life, freedom and satisfaction!  Eternal life, freedom and liberty in Christ even in the hardest of circumstances, and the satisfaction of living a life full of purpose and peace.  All of the wonderful things of the Kingdom of God are available ONLY to those who are one of His sheep, His children.  People outside the Kingdom, do not know the difference between the voice of Jesus and the voice of the thief.

Jesus is saying in this passage that HE is the ONLY way into the Kingdom.  All roads do NOT lead to the Father.  Many people say “there can’t possibly be only one way!”  But there is only ONE way.  People outside the Kingdom do not want to even think about the possibility that Jesus is who He says He is because then they would realize that they are headed for the Lake of Fire at the end of time.

One of the primary reasons Jesus came was to be the Lifeline for a lost and dying world to save us from certain destruction.  Yes, we were all headed for eternal punishment along with Satan and the fallen angels, but Jesus died for us.  HE paid the price for our redemption out of the Lake of Fire!  But the most important thing He did was to restore us back to our original condition before the fall in the garden.  Yes, we have been restored!  All we have to do is accept it and begin to live it.

Blessings everyone…

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