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And Jesus Said…Day 6

“If a shepherd has one hundred sheep, and one wanders away and is lost, what will he do?  Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others and go out into the hills to search for the lost one?  And if he finds … Continue reading

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The Gift of Grace is Greater Than Sin

“When Adam sinned, the entire world was affected.  Sin entered human experience, and death was the result.  And so death followed this sin, casting its shadow over all humanity, because all have sinned.  Sin was in the world before Moses … Continue reading

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Update on new eBook Becoming Clean

Hi everyone ~ I am almost finished with the new book!  I’m so excited at what the Holy Spirit is doing with this book.  As I was finishing up, or what I THOUGHT I was finishing up, the Holy Spirit, … Continue reading

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Announcement! New eBook coming February/March ~ Becoming Clean

Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that I am almost finished with a new book called “Becoming Clean.”  It is about repentance.  The book has an in-depth teaching on the principles of repentance, some parables, repentance prayers … Continue reading

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From God A Plea…Seek the Lost for Me by Rev. Selma Webb

My great aunt Kay wrote a poem.  She’s almost ninety years old but as passionate for God as anyone much younger.  This poem declares the heart of God for the lost ones.  I pray it inspires you to prepare for … Continue reading

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New Teaching added to Discipleship Training Page! – The Faith Stand

Hi everyone, last Sunday I did a teaching on The Faith Stand in church and wanted to share it with all of you out here on the blog!  I pray that you receive revelation knowledge as you study it out … Continue reading

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