Update on new eBook Becoming Clean

Hi everyone ~ I am almost finished with the new book!  I’m so excited at what the Holy Spirit is doing with this book.  As I was finishing up, or what I THOUGHT I was finishing up, the Holy Spirit, exploded the Repentance Prayers section to include repentance prayers for the folks who are in the darkest places….I believe this book is going to be a great tool for not only people who are seeking to come out of these dark places, but also as a tool for soul winners.  It will be 6X9 size that easily fits with your Bible.

It is very exciting to see what God is doing in the world in 2018!  The air is electric with expectation and hope for the believer.  This is a year of fasting and prayer, of seeking His face and not His hand.  It is the year of the Harvest!  Don’t let it pass you by, everyone can do something to advance the Kingdom.  If you are house bound, you are primed and ready to be an intercessor or a writer or blogger.  If you are homeless and you meet Jesus, you are in a perfect place to share His love with other homeless people…you won’t be homeless for long though.  He will bless you!

I am now finishing up the loose ends on the book and hope to have it ready for publishing the first week in March.  I almost met my deadline…I’m getting better!  After my edits are finished, I will load it as an eBook out here on the blog for free.  There are so many people around the world who benefit from the eBook format.  If you want a printed book, I’ll post the link to Amazon and I will have some that I can mail to you as long as you are in the US.  Any proceeds from the books goes into running the ministry.  I am traveling again to Arkansas to minister to some folks up there.  We are believing God for a miracle!

Thank you all for your support and love.  Please keep me in your prayers if He lays me on your heart.

Blessings everyone…

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