Announcement! NEW Book! Becoming Clean eBook available!

Hi everyone, I am finally finished with the new eBook called Becoming Clean: Restoring Your Relationship with God.  It is on the PDF and Downloads page (see the link below).  It is very comprehensive covering the darkest places a human being can go, but God wants everyone to come to the light of His Kingdom!

Share the link with others who are looking for God and hungry for Him!  That is what it’s all about.

eBooks and PDF Downloads…

Click to access becoming-clean_ebook1.pdf

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2 Responses to Announcement! NEW Book! Becoming Clean eBook available!

  1. Blessed be the name of ;the Lord.
    Its by grace we found you. Your books have enlighten us a way through for what I have been seeking for more than fifty five years, and my wife joined me 30 years ago. Please as the Lord has connected us join us in the court of heaven.
    For more than fifty five years I have been tormented by the adversary,despite the fact that I committed my whole life to the Lord at the age of nine (1958). Also by His grace I have won thousands of souls to my Savior and I pray to people and they get their answers healing etc.
    Despite the fact that myself I’m continually being tormented. Please can you get me your contact email address so that I my give you my full history for you to present my petition to the court of heaven.
    God bless you. We love you.
    Sethiel Yudah Mosha and Emmy – From Tanzania (East Africa)


    • Micki Todd says:

      Hi Sethiel ~ thank you for commenting and your kind words! I’m so happy to hear how many souls you have won to the Kingdom. It’s no wonder the adversary is after you. But you have authority over him. Please click on this link to the Prayer Request page. It comes directly to my email address and we can begin our conversation in a private setting. Hope to hear from you soon! Love in Jesus…Micki


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