He Gave Me Pink Roses

A couple of months ago, I was sitting in my prayer closet during my fellowship time with Jesus when I saw a spray of beautiful pink roses above the headboard of my bed.  I was amazed!  I knew in my heart that Jesus had just given me flowers!  Over the next two weeks, I kept seeing pink roses around my bedroom and bathroom.

I was in a particularly intimate period with the Lord.  The pink roses culminated when I went to a Power and Love Conference with Todd White.  It was during the praise and worship time.  There was a woman doing prophetic worship painting.  At the end of the worship, I opened my eyes and she had painted a gorgeous pink rose on a gray background!  I felt the Lord’s presence and I knew HE had inspired her to paint that pink rose to give me.  I felt tears prick my eyes when I realized this.  That was the last time I saw the pink roses, but I look for them to appear again.  I just know that my home in heaven; the place He is preparing for me, is full of beautiful pink roses!

I looked up the color of pastel pink to see what it meant and it means a holy awakening, ministry unto the Lord, intimacy with God, a right relationship with God, a heart of flesh, tender towards God, joy and a passion for Jesus.  Who knew pink could be so powerful?

So the other night in my prayer time, I received a poem that I wrote down and I want to share it with you now.  I pray that it blesses you and can somehow make your day better.

He Gave Me Pink Roses

My Beloved is the most precious Lover of all

There is no one else like Him

My Beloved’s love for me is endless

It is boundless and without limits

My Beloved came to our Secret Place one day

His kissed me with the kisses of His mouth

He gave me pink roses without number!

He took my hand and brought me out of death

He destroyed my strong enemy

He laid down His life that I might live

Yes, He pursued me to the edge of Hell

He brought me to His banqueting table

And His banner over me is LOVE

Here in our Secret Place

You give me pink roses without number

Our Secret Garden is now full of pink roses

The sweetest Rose of Sharon is my Beloved

He is mine and I am His forever

Forever He will give me pink roses…

Blessings everyone…

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6 Responses to He Gave Me Pink Roses

  1. Esther Newland says:


    While I was praying in The Spirit just now, I was reminded of a dream I had a few years ago. And I never heard about something like this before so I started googling and came to this website with your experience with The Lord! My dream was about that I was outside and there was a group of people there. Jesus was in their midst. I didn’t really was into the croud because of the attention He got from everyone. He had eye for one lady who seemed to need His comfort and He took care of her! I was watching from outside the group of people what happened. Suddenly He stood in front of me, He gave me a bouquet of pastel pink roses, they looked beautiful but just normal. Then He said: “I will make them more beautiful” and He waved with His hand over the bouquet and they lit up supernaturally!! They started to glow and look more alive, it was so beautiful and I was so surprised, we sat down somewhere and He was only smiling at me, such a kind and tender smile. Then I woke up.
    Even though it was years ago, it’s very clear in my memory. And I’m happy I read your experience with pink roses too! If someone has an interpretation of this dream I would like to hear.

    God bless you.


  2. Reblogged this on Living Stones and commented:
    A friend of mine posted this poem on her blog. Check it out!


  3. Natalya says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share these experiences.

    I have not been able to attend any Power and Love conferences yet. But praying it will work out to be part of our vacation time or some other time we need to be in the US.

    Thank you again for the God Book you sent me a few years back. Really appreciate your love and willingness to help. Lord bless bless,


    • Micki Todd says:

      Great to hear from you Natalya! I’m so glad things are going good for you. I went to the Power and Love in Dallas earlier this year. IT was great!


  4. KhushiBatra says:

    Ahhhh, this is so 😶❤


  5. Vijay says:

    Beautiful Pastor Micki 🌷


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