When Darkness Settles

This week the news broke that the state of New York has passed an extreme abortion law that allows abortions up to the moment of birth with NO allowance to try to save the baby should he or she survive the abortion.  Not only that, but NON-doctors can perform abortions.

The governor refused to sign the budget unless this law was passed and he got his way.  Ever since I read and heard this horrific news, my heart has been troubled and very sad.  What kind of person does it take to look into the face of an innocent infant and coldly snuff out that life?  Is it a monster?  Is it a boogeyman?  No, it could be your neighbor or even your doctor.

Last night I even had trouble falling asleep because I was so troubled about this darkness that is settling over the country.  I saw an article yesterday that Vermont is considering a similar bill in their state.  It’s like fast-growing cancer that could sweep our nation at the state level.

Yes, this is a risk, but let’s look at the state of New York.  Darkness has now settled over that state.  They have aligned with a principality and power that feeds off the blood of the innocents.  I encourage Christians in New York to pray like you never have before for mercy because when the blood starts running and crying out to their Creator, He WILL lift His hand off of that state.

The absence of God brings darkness.  When the evil rule a land, the people mourn.  This scripture is being lived out before our very eyes.  In New York and in Washington DC.  God wants to establish righteousness in this land but there are wicked people who love the darkness and are fighting Him at every turn.

This is a pondering, just thoughts I have on it.  I sense the darkness settling over New York and my heart hurts for my fellow believers who live there and are suffering under the evil rulers there.  Most especially for the infants who are in grave danger of extermination just because they exist.

This also a call to ALL Christians to pray for the babies in New York, the Christians in New York and most especially the leaders in New York that they would repent and turn to righteousness.  It’s not too late for the light to burst forth in that state.

Stay strong believers…time is drawing near for our Bridegroom

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3 Responses to When Darkness Settles

  1. Vijay Rai says:

    This is truly sad… How can anyone kill a baby.
    We have to pray because the world is getting darker.


  2. Micki Todd says:

    Reblogged this on Stones of Fire Ministries.


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