A Mother’s Chance

“You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside…

You even formed every bone in my body when You created me in the secret place…

You carefully and skillfully shaped me from nothing to something…

You saw who You created me to be before I became me!

Before I ever saw the light of day, the number of days You planned for me was already recorded in Your book…

Every single moment You are thinking of me!  How precious and wonderful to consider that You cherish me constantly in Your every thought! (Psalm 139)

God loves life.  He loves ALL life.  Jesus said that our Heavenly Father is aware when a sparrow falls to the ground.  How much more is He aware of each person who is alive in the earth today whether they are inside the womb or outside the womb.

Recent decisions in America regarding abortion have been made into law and even infanticide is being pushed for legalization.  Right now the most powerful person on earth is a pregnant woman.  She holds in her body the life and destiny of another human being.  With one phone call, she can literally stop God’s plan for a person’s destiny.  One hour of time can snuff out the light of a life that is full of purpose.  How many people has God sent to the earth to discover medical breakthroughs or invent things that can bring people wealth and clean living?  How many people were sent but could not get out of the womb to fulfill their destiny?

This is a plea to the woman who sees no way out.  To the girl carrying her father’s baby.  To the girl raped by a stranger.  To the woman whose baby isn’t her husband’s child.  To the woman whose child has Down’s Syndrome.  No matter what the circumstances of conception, the child inside you still has a destiny.  A God-given purpose to fulfill in the history of man.  All he or she needs is a chance at life.  Just a chance.

There are thousands and thousands of couples across the world who desperately want a child to bring into their family.  A child to shower with their love and care.  Abortion is not the only solution.  There are organizations all over America that are ready to help you during this time.  What is a few months of time to give a person a chance at life?  What is a few hours of pain in giving birth to give a person an opportunity to enjoy the beach, good food, fun times and watching the morning sunrise?  Even if their life isn’t the greatest, it’s still LIFE and as long as there is life, there is HOPE.  Abortion ends it forever.

But what about you?  The desperateness of your situation is of great importance to God.  Even though you may not know Him, He is madly in love with you.  He has a book with your name on that is very near His heart.  He is not mad at you or wants to destroy you in hell or condemn you to a miserable life.  No!  Just as He has a wonderful plan for the child in your womb, He also has the same for YOU.  You may be so beat down and think you are worth nothing, but you are worth everything to your Heavenly Father.  When He looks at you, He wants so much for you to look His way.  To even just whisper His name.  He’ll come quickly to meet you.  Even today.  Even sitting at your appointment at the abortion clinic.

You may be sitting at the clinic waiting for your appointment to begin.  But you don’t have to do it.  You don’t have to stay.  If you turn to Him, He will be with you through the hard circumstances.  You have the chance, as a mother to give the greatest gift to your child and that is LIFE.  Just a chance at life.

To the woman who has already had an abortion, your Heavenly Father’s opinion of YOU has not changed.  He still loves you.  He has already forgiven you.  He wants to heal you.  He wants to give you a chance at a full life without regrets.

If you are reading this, and you want to change your destiny, you can.  You can make two important decisions right now.  You can come to Jesus and let Him guide you through this situation, and you can decide to give your child a chance at life.  I have placed links below to help you do both of these things.  I pray that you will fulfill God’s plan for your life.

Meet Jesus Here…


Pregnancy Help

Adoption Help

The word “choice” means that there is more than one option.  More than one choice.  A mother’s chance to give life to another human being is the greatest gift to mankind that anyone can do.

Blessings everyone…




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7 Responses to A Mother’s Chance

  1. successbmine says:

    Micki, you have written an excellent article here. It is very touching and tactfully worded and yet it speaks the truth clearly. Thank you for sharing. I will share on FaceBook.

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  2. So beautifully written Micki… I have been so immersed in some of Dan s videos. It started when you posted On FB the one on love…such a reverse in earthly thinking perspective to what Christ has already done.. Mack’s off today due to the rain or I would call you. I’m locked into Dan in a big way…and love that Prayer book…wow… Hope all is well with you….how was Aglow last week…

    I also have been praying prayers daily from your books. My friend Mary really Likes them…is praying prayers also… Talk soon…love u Joan

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  3. Thanks for speaking the truth. We must find ways to stop the murder of babies. Blessings.

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