Deeper Still

“Arise, My love.  Open your heart, my darling, deeper still to Me.  Will you receive Me this dark night?  There is no one else but you, My friend, My equal.  I need you this night to arise and come be with Me.  You are My pure, loyal dove, a perfect partner for Me.  My flawless one, will you arise?  For My heaviness and tears are more than I can bear.  I have spent Myself for you throughout the dark night.” (Song of Songs 5:2 TPT)

Song of Songs aka Song of Solomon is a picture of Jesus Christ and His Bride.  The Bride being all followers and lovers of Him.  In this scripture, you can see the cry of the Bridegroom for a deeper relationship.  He senses the complacency of the Bride.  Watch what she says:

“I have already laid aside my own garments for You.  How could I take them up again since I’ve yielded my righteousness to Yours?  You have cleansed my life and taken me so far.  Isn’t that enough?”

In her mind, she’s already given everything to Him.  In her mind, she has “arrived” at spiritual fullness.  She’s reached the pinnacle and there is no more.  But He says no, come deeper still!  There is no end to God.  There is no bottom and no limits.  He never runs out of wisdom, knowledge, power,  and love.  He daily loads us with benefits.

It’s like a  couple who have been married for several years.  Life together can get mundane and boring.  The tendency is to take one another for granted.  What does that mean?  It’s forgetting the traits that originally attracted one another in the first place.  It’s becoming complacent and lax in the garden of the relationship.  Complacency breeds weeds.

The Bride is in the season of preparation to meet her Bridegroom.  Don’t get complacent.  Don’t let the cares of life draw you into the belief that you have arrived into an ultimate intimate relationship with God.  There is so much more when we arise and go deeper still.  And that is the call today.  Arise! Open your heart deeper still to Jesus.  He’ll take you places you cannot even imagine…when you put Him FIRST.

I have recently been struggling with the cares of life.  Things I’ve lost.  Things in my life that have changed and caused unsettling.  I spent so much time trying to figure life out that I let my relationship with the Lord grow cooler.  I was doing all the right things.  I was fulfilling my duties in the ministries He has called me into, but our love affair had waned some.  I left my first Love.

What does Jesus do?  He comes knocking on the door of my heart saying “arise, My love!  Open your heart to Me, deeper still.”  I realized that I can’t change anything without prayer and worrying about it certainly won’t change anything.  He asked me to abandon all the cares and come deeper still.  He said if I do that, then it will come together in ways I can’t imagine.  So it has begun.  A new level.  A new journey.  A new adventure with the Lover of my soul.

This is the season of deeper still.  He is calling all His lovers, His people to do the same things.  This is the preparation to meet Him in the air.  Prophetic words we have been receiving in our church have been more frequent.  “I am coming soon.  Fill your lamps, trim your wicks.”  “My return is imminent, prepare your hearts.”

Beloved, as the days get darker, more evil, more fearful and more uncertain; we must make the decision to go deeper still in our intimate relationship.  It is in the Secret Place of the Most High where our victory resides.  It is where we live out Psalm 91.

If you are where I have been recently, take heart!  He is calling us all to go deeper still.  Abandon the cares to Him and watch what He does in your life!

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Blessings everyone…

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3 Responses to Deeper Still

  1. Keith V Webb says:


    This is beautiful. Well worded but more than that well ‘hearted’- yes this post reflects my life right now – parallels me and others I know – Deeper Still Lord for my sister this day and going forward may we know depths heretofore not realized – in YOU

    Love, Keith and Mary ❤️


  2. Micki Todd says:

    Reblogged this on Stones of Fire Ministries and commented:

    Deeper Still from The Heart of God Blog!


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