One More Season

“Then Jesus told them this parable: “There was a man who planted a fig tree in his orchard.  But when he came to gather fruit from his tree he found none, for it was barren and had no fruit.  So he said to his gardener, “For the last three years I’ve come to gather figs from my tree but it remains fruitless.  What a waste!  Go ahead and cut it down!”

“But the gardener said, “Sir, we should leave it one more year.  Let me fertilize and cultivate it, then let’s see if it will produce fruit.  If it doesn’t bear fruit by next year, we’ll cut it down.”  (Luke 13:6-9)

When we enter the Kingdom of God through the Cross of Jesus Christ, we enter as babies where the grace of God sustains us while we grow.  However, He fully expects us to mature into “trees” that will bear some thirty, some sixty and some a hundredfold fruit.  We do this by renewing our minds to His Word, by establishing an intimate relationship with Him whereby He is the center of our life.

What does it mean for Him to be the “center” of our life?  One of two people is the center in our individual lives: us or God.  If we are the center, then our decisions and choices in life will be about us.  Questions like “how will this benefit ME,” or “will this hurt or hinder ME.”  When we are at the center, then we do not bear the fruit of the Spirit that God seeks a harvest from.  It’s that simple.  Our mission is to DIE to our self-will.  He must be the total and complete center of our lives.

When Jesus is the center of our lives, then we take on His character found in I Corinthians 13.  We love the unloveable, we are patient and we are kind, etc.  But we also base our behaviors and choices around His will for our lives.  If our relationship with Him is close enough, we even allow Him to run our lives.  Questions like, “who do You want me to vote for Lord?” OR “Do you approve of this person to marry?”  An intimate relationship is a two-way street.  You can hear His voice when you ask these questions.  More importantly, you will abide by His decision, even if you don’t like it.

This parable speaks about the unfathomable mercy of God.  The fig tree represents God’s people.  That would be you and me.  We may start out strong and on fire for God but life has a way of wearing down our fire.  Sometimes we even fall away for a season.  I did that several years ago.  I was so full of “ME” that I just walked away.  I quit bearing fruit.  I was spiritually barren for years.  Yet God’s mercy kept working with me.  In spite of my life of sin, my alcoholism, my utter lack of faith; He kept wooing me.

During those dark years, Satan was steadily building a case against me in the Court of Heaven because I would not repent of my wicked ways.  I would cry out for God to help me, yet I refused to give up my alcohol.  But Jesus, Who is our Mediator, Who ever lives to make intercession for us, was defending me in that heavenly court.  What did He say?

He said, “Father, let’s give her a little more time.  I know she will turn to Us.  You know what she will do in the Kingdom when she turns.”  I will bring her in.  I know she will turn.  Her heart cries out for it daily…We hear it every day.  Just one more season…”

There came a day when I did have to make a choice.  I had to choose life or death.  Satan had built a case that if I didn’t repent and turn away from alcohol, I would die physically and spiritually.  My liver was seriously damaged and I was very sick.  Jesus spoke to me almost audibly, in strong terms.  I chose life.  I repented and asked for the blood to cover me.  Immediately, the addiction was broken and my case was dismissed in the Court of Heaven.

My doctor was amazed that after three weeks, my liver enzymes were perfectly and completely normal, where before they were very, very high.  Repentance brings God’s grace.  Repentance brings His power to break whatever chains are holding you captive.  There is nothing too hard for the Lord to do where there is a repentant heart!

Are you a barren fig tree?  Have you stopped bearing fruit?  I know that you have an Intercessor at the very right hand of the Father, pleading your case before Him.  He is saying: just one more season Father, I know they will turn!  Two simple words can turn your whole life around: I repent.  It’s amazing how quickly He comes to make all things new in your life once you say those two simple words.

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Blessings everyone…

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2 Responses to One More Season

  1. successbmine says:

    Having ME at the center of my life is a heavy burden to bear, but when Christ is at the center, He removes that burden and gives us His light burden. But as humans, we are so determined to look out for #1 and it’s amazing how long some of us hang on to that before finally yielding to Jesus. But, as you said it so well, He is always waiting and willing to give us a little more time. How wonderful He is.


  2. Micki Todd says:

    Reblogged this on Stones of Fire Ministries and commented:

    A new devotional message on the blog!


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