Perfect Peace

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  1. successbmine says:

    It is really crazy, isn’t it? Fortunately I bought a package of toilet paper last Friday when there wasn’t yet a run on it. But yesterday as I walked by those empty shelves I was sure glad I did get it. A friend told me today she went to 3 stores today and couldn’t even find vinegar. I had no problem finding that yesterday, but they were down to the last couple of loaves of frozen organic bread–an unusual item to be out of. Everything else seemed to be fairly well stocked.
    Our schools are closed for the next 3 weeks. Some of the churches will be closed tomorrow. Ours is still going to be open, but we have a small congregation. The large churches, over 250, are being advised to close. But this panic is only going to create more problems than ever. When in panic mode people cannot even make sane decisions let alone act in sensible ways. I think panic is more destructive than the pandemic in some ways.


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