2020: The Year of the Mouth

“I am your only God, the living God.  Wasn’t I the one who broke the strongholds over you and raised you up out of bondage?  Open your mouth with a mighty decree; I will fulfill it now, you’ll see!  The words that you speak, so shall it be!” (Psalm 81:10 TPT)

The year 2020 has been spoken by the prophets as “the year of the mouth.”  It is a year of the Bride of Christ taking her position as a King/Priest of the Most High God and declaring Heaven’s will into the earth realm.  We are uniquely positioned for such a time as this to literally change the course of the world through our mighty decrees!

Is there something burning in your heart these days?  It is likely a passion God has given you to decree over.  Begin to release God’s will over it and see what He will do.  Perhaps it is your family, or the government or a situation in your physical body.  Whatever it is, God has given you a mouth to speak mighty and wonderful things that He wants to make a reality.

For me, He has given me a burden for our nation and our government.  I am decreeing daily the will of Heaven be brought into our nation and our government.  I believe big changes are coming that we will marvel at!

This an encouragement to the Body of Christ to take what God has placed in your heart and speak it out as a reality..because IT IS…

Blessings everyone…


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