New Book Coming!

Hello everyone, I am currently writing a new book that I want to publish this year. I’m halfway through, so I think it will be done. It is called “The Immovable Position: Establishing Mountain-Moving Faith.”

The times we are living in requires great faith to not give in to fear, to stand against an onslaught of evil that I have not seen since I’ve been on the earth. This book will help you understand your position in Christ and give you the tools you need to take a position of faith that Satan cannot move you off of. That is called “the immovable position.”

When the enemy sees that you won’t be moved, then he is the one who has to flee because the Bible tells us to “resist the devil and he will flee.” The problem that so many Christians face is when the stand is long with no apparent change, it wears you down. That is why it is so important to get into position to stand. A position of strength that comes through the intimate relationship and a firm knowledge of what your benefits and responsibilities are in the Kingdom of God. That is what this book is about.

Like my other books, this too is a “tool book” that you can refer back to during the toughest parts of your stand. Hopefully you will find encouragement to keep standing and to press in deeper into Jesus to be able to stand strong.

A few of the topics we will discuss include “Understanding Who You Are in Christ,” “Understanding Intimacy With God,” and “Understanding the Power of Your Words.” I believe the Lord wants to provide a comprehensive book that addresses everything that we need to do and become in order to get into this position of immovable faith.

I will publish this book on Amazon and Kindle in both electronic and paperback formats. Once it is published, I will create an eBook of the teaching and put it out here on the blog under PDF and eBook Downloads under the Resources menu tab. I don’t write books to make a lot of money, I write the books He tells me to write to give His people help to live victorious lives.

I will make another announcement once the book is published on Amazon and then another to let you know when the ebook is available.

Blessings everyone…

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