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Hello!  Welcome to From the Heart of God Blog!  It is my goal to share the Gospel with whoever visits this blog and to hopefully help people with problems through the teachings posted weekly.  It is my prayer every day that someone somewhere will find Jesus as a result of my posts!

I have several pages on this blog from teachings, to prayer requests to sharing your testimony.  I hope that people searching for God as well as those who have found Him can share experiences and seek help in prayer.

Feel free to explore the Blog and contact me if you need any prayer.

Blessings everyone…


4 Responses to About Blog

  1. Alice says:

    Am learning


  2. RRR says:

    Prayers for all in a world full of tough decisions every day. Let your light shine and follow His Spirit.


  3. Patricia Gilchrist says:

    Hi, I am stuggling in my marriage. There is no communication. We sleep in different rooms. We are raising our 12 yr old grandson and they don’t have a relationship. I take care of everything and everyone. I’m tired and my heart is heavy. He never takes me out. He won’t do anything if I don’t say something. We have been together for 8 yrs and married for 1yr and 6 months. I am 64 and he is 62. After we got married we st
    opped going to church. Never went back. I just went back this past Sunday and received such a refreshing. I have dedicated my life back to God and need to know where to go from here


    • Micki Todd says:

      Hi Patricia ~ Thank you for coming to the blog! Since you just rededicated your life back to God, that is where you start. You follow Jesus through relationship. You bring your marriage and husband and grandson to Jesus and release them to Him. Then YOU begin to establish an intimate relationship with Him. Take your eyes off your husband. He can’t make you happy and content. Only Jesus can. What is reality now doesn’t have to be reality after God fixes it. Jesus said to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.” Find a place in your house that you can go and spend time alone with the Lord. I have a corner in my bedroom where I put a small table, rocking chair and lamp. It is where I go to fellowship with Him. This is the place you will get recharged and you won’t be tired and heavy-hearted. Keep going to church even you go alone. Read and study His Word regularly and talk to Him in prayer, sing songs of praise to Him. You will be so amazed at what God does in your life! Sooner or later your family will notice your joy, your peace and your contentment…and they will want it too. God bless you!


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