A big “THANK YOU” of all of you who have shared your testimonies out here!  You will find out when we all get to heaven just how much God used YOU to lead someone to Him!  Everyone has a story…enjoy.

Blessings everyone…

New testimony from Michah!  What an awesome testimony of your victory over Satan! 03/17/19.

Michah submitted a video of his testimony.

New testimony from Rick!  Praising God with you Rick! 04/03/18

I wrote a few weeks ago asking for prayer for my business to profit and grow. The Lord has answered that prayer. Thanks for touching and agreeing with me on that situation. Love you all.Rick

Micki Todd – 8/29/2014 – I Just Want To Testify!

Jesus saved my life!  Literally He saved my life from an alcoholics death in 2009.  If there was no God; no healing power of God then I should have died in 2009 of liver failure.  God looks on the heart and when He looked at my heart, He saw His little girl crying out for help.  His compassions fail not–He healed my liver completely and today, no one would ever think I was that sick.  Thank You Jesus for another chance!

Micki Todd – 9/13/2014 – I Just Want To Testify!

I started “faith tithing” last pay day.  I’m tithing on the gross amount of what I’m believing God to give me as a salary.  I opened my mailbox this week and there was $100 in a card from someone who said God told them to send me that!  Praise God!  It was the amount that I paid tithes on!  God is faithful!


Brett Baker – 5/22/15 – Encounter With Yeshua!

As I sat and spoke to an old friend about God one evening while I was in Europe, my thoughts drifted to a grievous sin which I once committed. While it is true I had asked to be forgiven for this act countless times, I believe it had become a stumbling block of sorts.

    Yes I do believe in God the Father and His only begotten Son Yeshua. And yes, I also believe in His love and His forgiveness. Yet something within me just wouldn´t allow myself to move forward. I´m not saying more and more of God´s Word wasn´t being revealed to me over time, and I´m not saying the tenets of man-made religion were not being stripped from me either. I am saying, there was something holding me back.

    So, as we sat there and my friend was talking, I was drifting off, and I was thinking about how I really wanted to be forgiven for what I had done. Suddenly, my stomach felt as though I had eaten something extremely bitter, it was very much like some bitter almonds I had eaten days before. But this was progressively getting worse and very rapidly.

    Much to my amazement, all of a sudden I could see and feel myself being sucked into a tunnel, albeit somewhat rectangular in shape. I could see the walls flying by me, just like one sees the walls as they speed through a tunnel in a vehicle. The only difference was, other than not being in a vehicle, it was more like being pulled back in a slingshot and then let go. What I saw next was something I never saw before. Even more interesting, was the fact I could actually feel what was happening to me.

    Suddenly I was somewhere else and I no longer had that bitter feeling in my stomach. I was standing there (somewhere), and as looked to my left I saw and thought, that´s an angel. I´m 6′ 1” tall, he was probably a couple of feet taller than me and he was quite bright. My head immediately turned so I was facing forward. What I saw amazed me, just as much as what I said, and what happened next. The exact words which came out of my mouth were, ¨Whoa, you´re Yeshua.¨

    Immediately, as I saw His face, I was on my knees and in what was quite probably a blink of an eye, I was overwhelmed with the horrible feeling of every sin I had committed in my life. The feeling of my sins which flooded my being in that instant, forced my face to the ground. I tried to push myself up with my arms, but the weight of my sins were too much for me. I struggled for some time and eventually I was able to get myself to the point where I was able to lift myself a little bit. I remember turning my head and I looked at the angel and I said, ¨Kill me, I´m not worthy to be in His presence.¨

    What happened next, I will never forget. The angel just stood there looking at me, but what I heard was Yeshua saying, ¨Brett, get up.¨ So I got on my feet and what I saw is somewhat difficult to put into words. I was standing there looking at Yeshua´s smiling face and I no longer had that horrible weight of my sins pushing or more accurately, pulling me down. Light was emanating from Him, not like the light from the sun, but extremely bright; His face was brighter than the sun, or the brightness of an arc that is created when a welding rod first strikes metal, but I didn´t need to squint my eyes.

    Yeshua´s light appeared and felt like purity, and it went right through me. That´s the best way I can describe His countenance… whatever the essence of purity is, that´s what I saw and that´s what I felt emanating from Yeshua. I believe that is what God is, purity, truth and love. Obviously, He is the Creator of all things, but those three things are what I felt. The look in Yeshua´s eyes and His smile, it was the most genuine, honest, caring and sincere look I have ever seen; more so than the look of a new mother´s face as she looks upon her baby for the first time after giving birth.

    Yeshua said three more words to me, ¨I forgive you.¨ In that instant, for the first time in more than 50 years, I actually understood what the word love meant. And I was raised in an unbroken home with a father, mother, brothers, uncles, aunts, etc. I was told I was loved more times than I can count, but only now do I get it.

    Then He reached out His hands as if to give me a push, but without
touching me or saying anything more (although more seemed to be said
without words), I was thrown back to where I was sitting a couple of feet from my friend who was still talking. I was dumbfounded. I didn´t say a word. My friend was still talking, although he was looking at me in a curious manner. His look was basically, are you listening? But he went on talking and I said nothing.

    One or two days went by, of course my thoughts were consumed with what I saw or what I thought I saw. How do you say to someone, ¨Hey, I just saw and spoke to Yeshua?¨ I was actually wondering if I was nuts or something. So, I prayed and asked for some help in this matter. I didn´t want to get it wrong and I didn´t want to tell my old friend, or anyone else that I saw and spoke to Yeshua if I was delusional. I came to realize I was not.

    The stumbling block which I referred to is no longer present. I consider myself to be one of the wealthiest people I know and I have next to nothing in this world, nor do I really want anything. What I do have is a much greater understanding of Yeshua than I had before. The only way I am able to understand words like forgiveness and love, is because of Yeshua.

    I state with absolute certainty, the best thing I ever did was to ask Yeshua to forgive me for my sins and ask Him to be my Lord and Savior because He is the Son of the Living God who died for our sins. He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords and He was resurrected by God Almighty where He now sits at the right hand of God. Praise God, for Yeshua lives!

Brett Baker

If you want to read the rest of the story, it is here:



Micki Todd – 02/10/18 – Supernatural Provision!

 I want to testify to the greatness of my God! Last week my finances were so tight I only had $5 to spend on groceries and $2 to give to the offering. But I got a bill paid that made it worth it. As I was trying to figure out how I was going to make it through the rest of the month on the money coming in, I told the Lord “I need an infusion of at least $100 to pull me out of this pit Lord! Then I began thanking Him for it. The next day, I opened my mailbox and my cousin had sent me $140! I am so excited that I am now back in the black! Thank You Jesus for hearing me and being so GOOOD to me!


5 Responses to Testimonies

  1. Annette Strauss says:

    Plse help -want to make a prayer request-where do l find the :prayer request section?


  2. Avanda says:

    Good evening Micky Todd

    A friend of mine told me to google courtrooms of heaven and i came across this blog. When i told her i found it she said no that’s the wrong one but instead i read through all the testimonies and for me it felt like i needed to find this blog. I see that you pray with and for people i would like to ask you to keep me and my family in your prayers. I’m married with 4 children, i don’t even know where to start everything feels like its getting too much for us i always tell my husband to pray with me but it’s like he’s too shy or something he has his own business but struggling to keep his head above water i’m an estate agent but work is not coming in for me its coming in very poor and i can see my husband is really getting despondent please Micky pray for us. I pray too but there are times when i feel the Lord is not listening to my prayer but yet in my heart i know he is listening and is working something out for us, i’m starting to feel hopeless, i think i just had to get to this blog tonight. Hope you reply soon.

    Avanda Fisher
    Cape Town


    • Micki Todd says:

      Hi Avanda ~ Thank you for requesting prayer and agreement for your situation. I know that people of God are having intense pressure from the enemy these days. I too am in what feels like a pressure cooker sometimes. I will be happy to pray for you and with you for a breakthrough for your circumstances and your family. I will be happy to do a Court of Heaven prayer for you if you’d like. I’ve got to do one for myself too for my financial situation. I just know that there are breakthroughs waiting for us all if we hold on to Jesus!

      Father, Avanda and I come to Your throne of grace today for help in these hard days. We bind our hearts in agreement for the breakthroughs in Avanda’s husband’s business and spiritual life. Grant Him supernatural divine favor with YOU and with all people in the earth that he does business with. Holy Spirit I ask that You would begin a sweet work in his heart that will bring him joy and confidence that YOU are Jehovah Jireh, his Provider. I ask Father, for the release of the Kingdom of God into their home and family that will bring peace and joy in You. Stir up the fires of passion for You; hunger for You. As they pursue You, Jesus, release Your grace to empower them to rise above the waves and walk on the water with You…above their circumstances. Father, I agree with Avanda for her work situation. I call in business from the east, west, north, and south. Grant her plenty of properties to work with and let them be profitable for her. Grant her favor with everyone she meets as she does her work. I ask in Jesus’ Name. I ask Father for an intimate encounter with You for Avanda. Let her experience the joy of being in Your presence, not just once but every day. In Your presence is the fullness of joy, the fullness of faith and fullness of peace. I ask all these things and I thank You for them now because faith is NOW. In the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen!

      Thank you Avanda for coming to the blog and may God bless you and your family


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