Welcome to the Resources Page!  This page has links to books and other websites that can help your spiritual growth.  I pray that you will find what you need for this season of your life and that you gain the victory over everything trial you are facing today!

Over time, I will add books and other resource links as they come across my path!  It is my prayer that the resources you find here will firmly establish you in Jesus Christ.  We need to be firmly grounded in these dark times.

Blessings everyone…

My Books

The Preparation of the Bride: A Study of Song of Songs

I have always been fascinated by the Song of Solomon or Song of Songs book in the Bible.  It wasn’t until The Passion Translation of the Bible came out that I really saw the hidden meaning of it.  It is such a beautiful story of redemption, passion, and grace!  This is a true Bible study book complete with challenging study questions and 2 journal pages to write down further studies.  It goes through the entire eight chapters plus a bonus chapter at the end.  This is a great Bible study to have in your small group or house church.  The book is only available in print on Amazon at this time.  However, I am currently converting the teaching to the Kindle format and it will be available soon as well.

The Preparation of the Bride

Learning to Abide in Jesus Christ: Transforming into His Image

I have been on a journey to become transformed into His image for the past five years and this book is borne out of this journey.  Abiding in Christ IS the development of the intimate relationship and also is it the process of maturing in Christ.  This book is a great Bible study tool as it is packed with scripture.  Use this book as a guide on your journey to spiritual maturity!  This book is available on in both Kindle and print formats.

Learning to Abide in Jesus Christ


Becoming Clean: Restoring Your Relationship with God

One of the most frequent search phrases on this blog is on repentance.  People are looking to get right with God all over the world.  This book was born out of this need.  It started as a simple teaching on repentance and grew into a resource to help people get right with God through repentance and deliverance.  The prayers are all out here on the blog under “Effective Prayers” section, and I have them all compiled in this handy book you can keep with your Bible.  It is also available as an eBook download on this blog at.  However, if you would like the book as a way to help support this ministry it is available on in either Kindle or print formats.

Becoming Clean: Restoring Your Relationship with God


The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory

I believe in the power of the spoken word–especially speaking out God’s Word.  I have compiled several Word prayers and teachings in this book to help a believer, intercessor, or prayer warrior to use in prayer battles that we all face as Christians.  The enemy cannot withstand the Word of God and the blood of Jesus!  There are teachings in this book from the basics of prayer all the way to the Court of Heaven–where breakthroughs happen.  Use this book as part of your prayer arsenal.  I have used and still use these prayers to fight my battles.  Blessings everyone…

The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory (Paperback)

The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory (Kindle Version)

The Sex Book: Unraveling the Mystery of Sexual Intercourse by Kathryn T. Reeves

This is a thought-provoking, easy to read book that is full of stories and information that will help us all understand the complex emotions that come with the act of sexual intercourse. A great book for young people planning to get married and older couples too!

The Sex Book: Unraveling the Mystery of Sexual Intercourse



The Enoch Dimension – The Pursuit of Intimacy – Micki Todd

If you are looking to get closer to God than you ever have before, this book can help you with practical steps to establishing an intimate relationship with God.  The pursuit of intimacy with God is an adventure you don’t want to miss!  Blessings everyone…

The Enoch Dimension Book

The Blood and the Glory – Billeye Brimm

This book is an awesome tool for every Christian to understand and fully appropriate the full measure of the Blood of Jesus Christ.  I would highly recommend this book for your Christian library.  The Blood of Jesus is the highest power in the universe!  Blessings everyone…

bloodand glory

The Blood and the Glory Book

Words: The Power Behind Your Future – Micki Todd

Words are incredibly powerful in determining the direction of our future.  Most people don’t realize this as is seen in the negativity all around us in the world today.  But God has a path to a brighter future and that path is found in your WORDS and in HIS WORD.  This is a great book for practical steps to help get control of your tongue and to make speaking God’s Word a habit in your life!


Words: The Power Behind Your Future

Words: The Power Behind Your Future (Paperback)

Great Websites

Beauregard Worship Center – This site is full of great teachings, videos and useful information for new believers.  If you need any teachings let the staff know and they will get a copy to you.  Also, check out their Facebook page!


Beauregard Worship Center

Beauregard Worship Center Facebook Page


Voice of Evangelism – Perry Stone Ministries – This site is a great resource for books, DVDs and CD teaching series.  Perry Stone is a great teacher of the Word and he is very funny too!  A really great resource for getting grounded in the Lord!

Voice of Evangelism — Perry Stone

Perry Stone Ministries Facebook Page

Perry Stone Facebook Page

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