eBooks and PDF Downloads

Welcome to eBooks and PDF Downloads!  This page is home to (eventually) a treasure trove of both eBooks and PDF downloadable documents on a wide variety of subjects.  The primary purpose of this blog is to help people become spiritually mature believers and strong Christians.  Believers need resources to help them grow.

There are four Books on Kindle right now.  I am converting them to PDF files for those who want the teachings in this format.  The Kindle Books cost about $5.00 to download on Kindle.  I can’t avoid that, but I can provide the PDF documents for free.  I do appreciate anyone who does purchase from Kindle as it helps the ministry out, but my goal is to get tools into the hands of God’s people. Also The God Book and the Words book are available in print form on Amazon.

Current eBooks

NEW! Becoming Clean: Restoring Your Relationship with God (A book of powerful repentance prayers and inner healing prayers for the darkest places known to man).  This is a great book to keep with your Bible and your ministry tools as you can use it to help people come out of very dark places. I should be finished with my editing tomorrow.  I will upload the eBook and publish on Amazon/Kindle tomorrow. (4/4/18)


The God Book: Power Prayers for Victory (This book has the entire teaching on the Court of Heaven as well as all the prayers on this blog in a handy book.  The book can be bought on Amazon.com as well.



Words: The Power Behind Your Future (This book is both in print and on Kindle as an eBook on Amazon.com)


The Enoch Dimension: The Pursuit of Intimacy (This book is available as an eBook on Kindle, but not as a paperback book yet).

The Enoch Dimension: The Pursuit of Intimacy