Discipleship Training

Welcome to the Discipleship Training page of this blog!  One of the primary goals of this blog is to provide training materials for new believers to become firmly grounded in the Word of God.  This page has the basics of Christianity.  This a new page, so please bear with me as I populate the teachings over the next few months.

Daily Prayer Life – Prayer is the foundation of the Christian faith.  Daily prayer is critical in building the intimate relationship with God that will make the difference between walking in His perfect will or walking in mediocrity.  This teaching was done at my church and I am sharing it with you.  It is my prayer that the teaching will help ground new believers in daily prayer!  This training is great for a home Bible study or church group.

Personal Prayer Time

Personal Prayer Time Lesson

Personal Prayer Time Bible Study

Personal Prayer Time Quiz

Personal Prayer Time Faith

Personal Prayer Time Lesson Journal

The Bible tells us to “be holy even as He is holy.”  Our light can’t shine without holiness.  Click on the link below to read about becoming holy before God.  Let God use you to reach the lost through your life of holiness!


The Bible says “having done all to stand.”  When we bring a hard situation to God in prayer and we petition, make declarations, plead the blood of Jesus and do everything we know to do in the Word, then we must be CONVINCED that we have the YES answer.  If we are convinced, we stand in our position of faith and refuse to be moved by the circumstances.  This is the FAITH STAND that every believer must do at least once in their life.  Please see the teaching on it at the link below.  Study it out for yourself and let the Holy Spirit guide you into more Truth!




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  1. Richard Harris says:

    i love all the information here pts just what I’ve been looking for


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