Prayer Training

Welcome to the Prayer Training page of this blog!  There are so many powerful principles to learn in the Word of God, that we could spend all of eternity still learning them!  We might as well start now right?  You’ve heard the saying “knowledge is power” right?  Well, learning about prayer is the most powerful thing you can do in your Christian walk with Jesus!  This page will cover prayer from beginning to a full-fledged spiritual warrior.  Bookmark this page for a personal Bible study or with a home group or even a home church for a mid-week teaching series.

Prayer Basics 101 – Let’s start with the basics of prayer.  It is the beginning of the journey.  This teaching was done at my church during a Prayer Series I taught to the congregation.  I want to share the valuable information found in these teachings with the world.  I believe God wants to teach YOU the basics of prayer and much, much more.

Prayer basics 101 Powerpoint Presentation

Prayer Basics 101 Lesson





Intercessory Prayer – Intercessory prayer is something every believer needs to do throughout their Christian walk.  Prayer for others is the ultimate act of Agape Love.  To bring others to His throne of grace is such a blessing for everyone involved: God, you and the person prayed for!  This teaching an in-depth look into the subject of Intercessory Prayer.  It is the second teaching in the Prayer series I taught at church.  My prayer is that this teaching will motivate YOU and your Bible Study group to pray, pray and pray still more!

Intercessory Prayer Presentation

Intercessory Prayer Lesson

Intercessory Prayer Bible Study

Intercessory Prayer Quiz

Intercessory Prayer Faith Actions

Intercessory Prayer Journal

The Court of Heaven

This teaching is taken from the book “The God Book” I wrote recently.  I have found so much victory in accessing the Court of Heaven.  It takes spiritual warfare to a whole new level of victory!

Click the link below to download the teaching on The Court of Heaven!

The Court of Heaven

Remitting Offenses in the Court of Heaven


The petitions for the Court of Heaven are on the page “Court of Heaven Prayers.”  Please see link below:


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  1. Sarah Naidu says:

    Please add me to mailing list and literature


  2. Ida lee says:

    Prayer is essential, it changes things, and God hears every prayer.

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