A Sad Reality

In America, the sad reality is that people from all walks of life, genders, political affiliations, and religions have one thing in common.  Everyone gets so offended so quickly.  Trying to find an adult group of people is becoming so difficult.

The one group of people that should be “unoffendable” are the Christians.  The followers of Jesus Christ and yet, they too, get offended when someone disagrees with them.  Nobody can have an opinion without being raked over the coals for having that opinion or point of view.

For example, I’m on Facebook and belong to several groups.  Some I joined and some I was invited to join.  What I have noticed, is that in the secular groups, everyone gets along!  Everyone is friendly, supportive and encouraging.  You can make suggestions and if they don’t agree, it’s a polite conversation.  Not so in a Christian group.  Any suggestions that the person doesn’t understand or bumps against their religious mindset are met with hostility and anger.  I find this so disturbing!

Just today, I made a comment on a woman’s assertion that God has boundaries to keep people from hurting Him.  I disagreed and politely said that the Father doesn’t push anyone away and if we are His people, we shouldn’t either.  She unleashed her anger on me in a tirade I thought would never end.  I was amazed at how calm I was.  I wasn’t angry, just sad.  I told her it was not my intention to offend her, but wanted to share my experience.

I went to the Lord with this situation and He said: “would you tell a stranger what you told her if it was face to face?”  I said “No, I wouldn’t” and He said, then don’t do it on Facebook either.”  I realized that because we are hidden behind our computer screens, we too easily pop off to people, but would we if we were staring them in the eyes?  I wouldn’t but into a conversation between two strangers in person, so why should I do that on Facebook?  I apologized to her and she softened her tone immediately.  I left the conversation and will probably leave the group.  I learned a good lesson today and I’m grateful to my Heavenly Father for guiding me in this.

I can’t help but wonder: how are we going to get along in Heaven, if we can’t get along on earth?  Being offended and holding on to that offense brings the torment of the enemy into our lives.  It’s better to just let it go and move on with God.  Lord help Your people become shining examples of Agape Love–the unoffendable love!

Blessings everyone…


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